Thoughts for Thursday: Let me Introduce Myself

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Thoughts for Thursday

I've seen a couple bloggers do this recently and I thought it would be a great idea since I have some new followers and some of you may have just found me via the link up! I took some of their ideas and then I added in a bunch of my own.

Natalie but anyone who knows me well calls me Nat.  I never loved the nickname when I was little because I always thought of a fly but now that I'm older it's comforting to hear Nat because it usually means I'm among family and friends.  I'm 32 ahhhhh!! To be honest I always thought 32 would feel so old but it really doesn't. I still don't feel a day over 28 in my head.

 this is me at 28
(so young and well rested...)

I live in Annapolis, Maryland and have my whole life except for the 4 years I went to college in College Park, MD.  I always had dreams of leaving the state when I was younger but it didn't work out that way. I love our location though. We are super close to DC and Baltimore, two hours from Philly and four from NYC. Can't really beat that to be honest! 

I am currently a stay at home mom to my 13 month old son. I never ever thought I would be a stay at home mom but it's what works for our family right now.  In my former life I was a real estate agent and before that a corporate event planner.  Neither one is as glamorous as it seems on TV but I enjoyed both careers very much.  I've been thinking about maybe picking up some part time work after baby #2 is here but we will see how that all goes of course ;)

Husband- Kyle
Kids- Son, Miller 13 months and Baby Boy #2 due in November
Pets- Layla, almost 2 year old mini goldendoodle 
Kyle and I will be married 5 years this August 29th but we've been together for 11 years! I still can't believe it's been that long. Sometimes it feels like we were just seniors in college.
We are lucky to have both of our families close by which is another reason not to leave this area.

From our most recent beach trip 
(Miller has the scraped nose)

Blogging, shopping, running/working out (walking right now), DIYing around our house, reading

What you'll find on this blog
- Glimpses into my everyday life as a wife and mom.
- Fashion, shopping, clothes, handbags, shoes, etc. Just talking about my love of fashion.
- Glimpses into our house as we slowly renovate it
- My random musings on any topic I feel like discussing at any time
In reality I probably share less than 50% of our actual life on this blog. I prefer to keep this blog lighthearted and fun so there are some things I just don't share. I also don't talk about my husband too much because he requested years ago to be kept off the blog as much as possible.   I try not to share too much about Miller either, again at the request of my husband.  I do try to keep things as real as possible though which can be hard at times. 

Favorite Movie:
Legally Blonde (I know it should probably be a moving documentary or drama but #sorryimnotsorry)

Favorite Book:
Summer Sisters by Judy Blume or The Twilight Series #teamedward

Favorite Type of Music:
I love it all!! I'm currently in a country phase, before that it was a rap phase, and prior to that it was a Mumford and sons phase.  I think my all time favorite band might be Foo Fighters though.  I was also secretly a Destiny's Child fan for many years. So like I said I like it all.

Favorite Cake Flavor:
Red velvet with cream cheese icing

Standard Coffee Order:
Medium iced coffee with cream and one splenda

Standard Bar Order:
Sauvignon blanc or vodka soda with a lime (I like my coffee and alcohol simple)

Favorite Food:
Mexican. I could eat tacos everyday for the rest of my life.

Favorite Places to Shop:
Target, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Piperlime, Shopbop, Homegoods, Marshalls, Pottery Barn Kids  

Beauty Product You Can't Live Without:
Mascara- I wear it everyday no matter what. Even if I'm sitting around the house in yoga pants all day. I have light short lashes so I need my mascara to feel awake.

Bedtime and Wake up time:
Bed around 11pm and wake up anywhere between 5:30-7am, depending on my little guy's schedule.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
Drivers who don't use a turn signal

Celebrity Crush:
Adam Levine or Zac Efron

Is there anything I'm missing?  Anything else you want to know about me? Feel free to ask!

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  1. Great idea to introduce yourself again! I'm a recent follower so it was nice to learn more about you! I'm a big fan of Mexican and Target...and Legally Blonde too :) Thanks for hosting the link up! -Jess

  2. I posted the same thing just the other day and have loved seeing every one elses! It's so fun to get to know bloggers better and learn a little past the every day post! I haven't been home to Annapolis in too long and I am way overdue for some crabs and an orange crush! Have a great week love!

  3. I'm the same way with mascara! haha! We lived in DC for a while and I loved that area and being so close to big cities! I always wanted to check out Annapolis but we didn't make it. So excited for you with another little boy on the way!

  4. Such a fun post!! TACOS FOR LIFE.

  5. haha we could eat Mexican every day as well, its a big problem! Don't even get me started on queso! I try not to mention too much personal on the blog either- it's a challenge!

  6. I love this! I had no idea you lived in MD - I lived in Baltimore for 4 years and miss it every day!

  7. Oh such a fun post!! Seriously. Mexican Food everrrrryday! Bring it!!! Loved getting to know you more. Might have to use this fun idea! (linking back to you of course ;)

  8. it was fun learning more about you! i love loveee mexican food too! it's the best. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Such a great post! I've been meaning to do one too. I loved learning more about you. I too am the same with the sharing aspect of my blog. I don't like to talk too much about the kids or my husband... I'm such a chicken and scared to any "weirdos" that lurk the internet. Love your blog and so happy to read each day! xo

  10. You don't look any different then when you were 28!!! And I know cause I've seen you IRL!

  11. Ok, so crazy...we will be married 5 years on August 29th as well!! Such a small world. Loved reading this.

  12. Girl Legally Blonde is the best movie ever!! So great to learn more about you!

  13. I'm definitely stealing this idea! I love it. It's so fun to get to know a little bit more about each blogger! My hubby is definitely the same way! He's so much more private than me !!

  14. I'm thinking Legally Blonde, queso and Sauvignon Blanc date hah. It was great to read this and I love that you and your husband have been together so long!

  15. You and I are so similar!! My husband and I have both lived in Charleston our whole lives with our families around us. I would love to move but then I wouldn't because Charleston is awesome and once we have kids it's going to be pretty sweet having family around 24/7. Summer Sisters is one of my favorite books too! I haven't reread it in a few years but I think it might. It always made me tear up at the end. Sauvignon Blanc and vodka soda are my signature drinks too! And red velvet is my absolute favorite dessert! Plus we're both tall blondes! Loved learning all this about you!
    Life as I know it

  16. Loved getting to know more about you! I may have to steal this if you don't mind ;) My favorite movie definitely isn't a drama either -- Father of the Bride, ha! And I feel you on the mascara... the only time I'm without it is right out the shower. I just feel naked if I'm not wearing any!

  17. loved learning more about you and your blog :)

  18. Such a great idea! I love following your blog!


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