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TGIF!! I'm so excited that Friday is here! Kyle's been gone for the week in Boston and California and will be back tonight.  We all function better when he's home :)

I'm on the hunt for a few things and I'm hoping you all can help!

1. Cute Tennis to wear with shorts/jeans
Sooo this pregnancy has given me lovely painful hips and I'm just not lasting few very long walking around in my cute flip-flops or  flats.   I went walking/shopping around Baltimore with my sister on Wednesday and had to put on my Asics running shoes about 5 minutes into our walk.  I didn't think I looked too awful until  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at J.Crew and I looked like a nerdy tourist!!  I wanted to run out of the store and hide. I'm looking for a shoe I can wear when I'm  at the park/mall/taking a short walk with Miller.

Here are two options I'm considering:

I know these are running shoes but I've tried them on before and they're really light and less bulky looking than my current Asics.  Plus I love the fun pink color.  Anyone have these and have any thoughts on them?

 I had these basic New Balances in the classic gray back in college and loved them. I love this turquoise color just to add something different. From what I can remember they were really comfortable and didn't look too stupid with shorts. 

I'm not really a Converse or Vans kind of girl but if anyone just loves them I would love to hear about it!  If  you have any other suggestions please share!!

2. Face Wash and Moisturizer
I'm on the hunt for a new face wash and moisturizer. I've been using Beauticontrol (one of my friend's sells it) since last December and while I haven't hated it I still don't think it's doing anything for my skin.  I'm looking for a face wash/moisturizer that will help brighten my dull dry skin. I used to have oily skin but since getting pregnant, having a baby, and getting pregnant again my skin is really dry and dull looking.  

I just picked up this Simple moisturizing face wash and moisturizer at Target this week to give it a shot since it was cheap and I was out of my other stuff. It isn't awful but it's definitely leaving my skin feeling stripped  (even though it says moisturizing) and the moisturizer doesn't have any spf in it.   

So if you have any tried and true skin brightening products please share!

-It's currently 62 degrees here.  I mean I can't even take it, it  feels like fall even more than it did yesterday!! The high is 78 but low humidity so I'm not complaining!!

-We're going on about 12 weeks until Baby Boy #2 is here!! I'm so happy to have crossed into the 3rd trimester and equally as terrified to be that close to having another baby!  I made a HUGE to-do list yesterday of everything I must have accomplished to feel settled before he arrives. My husband is not going to be a fan. 

-I'm having lunch with two my college roommates this weekend which is exciting because I finally get to meet my one friend's 8 month old daughter and catch up with my other friend who is due 2 weeks behind me.  I'm a little nervous about how Miller is going to act because sitting is a high chair is currently a form of punishment to him.  Husbands are attending too so I'm hoping that with two of us and the distraction of another baby he will behave or at least last 30 minutes in the restaurant. 

Well I'm off to enjoy my Friday and weekend!! See you all on Monday!



  1. I need some new running shoes! Love the free runs too!

  2. I love my Nike Air Pegasus shoes, they are SO comfortable! I tried the free running ones but they didn't have enough arch support for me. So jealous of your cooler temperatures! I must feel so much better with the bump having less heat and humidity!

  3. Love love the pink Nikes! Get 'em! Happy weekend :)

  4. I like both tennis shoes. But I wore the hell out of my new balances in college!

  5. I like both shoes. I am partial to new balances for some reason but I don't think you could go wrong either way. I use cetaphil face wash and mosturizer my dermatologist recommended and it's pretty reasonably priced. Have a good weekend!

  6. I have the Nike 3.0 (I think) and the one thing I hate about them is the tounge of the shoe is attached to the shoe. So they are a pain to get on and off. Not sure if the 5.0 has the same stupid concept. Other than that they are comfy and cute!

  7. Love both of those shoe options! I have a pair of Nike Frees and they are so lightweight and comfortable! I also had the New Balance gray ones in college and loved those too! For face wash/moisturizer, have you tried Arbonne products? They are little more expensive than drug store brands but totally worth it! I started using them a year ago and notice a huge difference in my skin!


  8. i love the gray and blue pair! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Love those New Balances - so cute!
    I use Cetaphil face wash and love love love it. About ever other day I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Daily Scrub and think it really helps brighten up my skin! Not sure if you need all of that, but maybe a light scrub every now and then?
    I also use CeraVe AM and PM lotions and think they're pretty great, too :)

  10. I love those New Balance shoes. Great colors!! I've never really felt Converse or Vans offer much as far as support. I don't wear them when I know I'll be on my feet a lot. My favorite wash/moisturizer is the Dermologica brand. I'd alternate between the clearing skin wash, the special cleansing gel, and the essential cleansing solution. I didn't have all three bottles at once, but as I used up one, I'd switch it up to another (as recommended by the esthetician who got me started on this brand). I also really like their active moist moisturizer. It does't have the SPF though- I see they have some moisturizers that do, but I haven't tried those. None of it is cheap, but I've found I don't need much and it lasts a really long time. For an less expensive route, I've used the Yes to Grapefruit face scrub and the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with SPF. I like the scrub. The lotion feels very heavy (especially for the summer months). I probably wouldn't buy it again! Hope you enjoy the weekend and being all together again!

  11. I use Cerave facewash and moisturizer and love them - they're only about $10-11 dollars each and last forever...like, I just bought new ones two weeks ago after I think a year. I don't know how brightening they are, but they're gentle!

  12. I love CeraVe moisturizer. It was recommended by my dermatologist. It is not scented, doesnt leave your face oily or make you break out, but it works well.

  13. I hope you have a great lunch with your friends (and Miller doesn't feel tortured). I hope the to do list gets smaller and smaller as the weeks go by!

  14. My vote is definitely for the Nike's, they are so cute and light. And my favorite cleanser is Fresh Soy Cleanser.. anything from that line is amazing! Happy Friday :)


  15. gray new balances 100%!!!!


  16. have you tried any neutrogena stuff? anything with vitamin c in it will help with brightening, too!

  17. I love both of those shoe options! I've tried on classic white Converse about a million times, because I think they are so cute on other people...whenever I try them on though, they just don't feel me!

    As far as face wash and moisturizers. I've been using Purpose face wash forever and love it. It's very gentle. For moisturizer, I love Kiehl's products. I use the Ultra Facial Cream as my basic moisturizer and also the Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate to prevent wrinkles. It has totally changed my skin!

  18. I love Kate Sommerville face wash and moisturizer. It's not cheap but if you buy through her website the rewards program is actually pretty good and they do have a friends and family sale and other promotions throughout the year.


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