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Thoughts for Thursday

Today I'm throwing some confessions your way:

- I failed on my no spend month. Once I ripped the band aid off buying the hanky panky underwear it was all down hill from there. I'm not proud of myself but besides one item the rest of the stuff was stuff I need. Like shirts that actually cover my stomach and new pajamas for Miller. 

-My husband travels a lot and works late a lot and I've started to rely on the tv more to entertain Miller in the evenings. I'm not proud but I'm exhausted and need to get stuff done, like making him dinner.

- I'm so happy that Miller can walk but man is it exhausting. We go on another vacation next weekend and I'm scared he's not going to sit still at all. Which means no relaxing for me. Ugh.

- I am in no way prepared to have 2 kids in 3.5 months.  I think I'm in denial.

- I made my husband buy me chocolate chip cookies the other night and I immediately ate 4, the next day I ate 4 and then I threw the box away because I have no self control.  I almost went back into the trash for them a few hours later. Almost.

- I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a stay at home mom.  I'm not saying I'm ungrateful for this opportunity or regret my decision but some days are just really hard. Sometimes I just want to talk to adults about stuff that doesn't involve babies, kids, schedules, diapers, bottles, etc.  I also miss getting dressed, showing up somewhere and really using my brain.

- In addition to adult interaction I miss having my own money.  A lot.  

- I like for the main living areas of my house to be neat, tidy, and organized. Our master bedroom is another story- it looks like a bomb went off in there 5 out of the 7 days in a week.

- I'm pretty sure I'm going to gain another 40lbs this pregnancy.  I was doing so well and lately I am just packing on the pounds.  It's really frustrating because I'm being so good compared to when I was pregnant with Miller yet I'm still gaining weight.  I'm trying to just come to terms with the fact that this is how my body gains weight while pregnant.

- After just about swearing off reality tv for the past year I am back to watching all the trash- housewives, millionaire matchmaker, the kardashians.  Ugh. Why do I just keep getting sucked into that trash?!

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Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. Gosh I love your confessions posts so much!! Don't be so hard on yourself! You're doing an amazing job! I'm so impressed how well you did with the no shop for a month. Let's be honest though, this has been the hardest month ever to do that with all the sales!!! Brody watches plenty of TV too! Sometimes it's just nescessary for our sanity! You're going to do great with two. I think you will be amazed at how much they will entertain each other!! Xoxo

  2. Oh girl! I am with you on these things! I promise you will do an amazing job with two little ones and they will be such little buds from an early age. Avery started counting in Spanish one day from watching Dora so that may me feel a lot better about TV ha! And you're pregnant and have a little guy, it is HARD not to shop because you end up needing things for both of you! I miss grown up conversation SO much but it gets so, so much better when Miller starts school because you will see grown up's on a daily basis and it just changes everything. I am here for you lady if you ever need anything!!

  3. Don't worry about the little one watching tv. TV has a bad wrap but I swear my daughter learned soo much by those crazy educational cartoons. Also I totally feel you on the being a stay home parent...its tough, I go back and forth on whether I want to get a "real" job or not....I miss all the things you listed!
    The not relaxing on vacation is never fun. :( But your pregnant so made your hubby follow him around!
    P.s. 40 lbs is not bad! Try to take a walk everyday, I think it will help if you aren't already.

  4. I am way guilty of all of the things you listed! I call it survival of a stay at home mom :-) And vacation is not a vacation when you have babies under 5 ha ha ha!

  5. My kids watch tv too. I don't see anything really wrong with it as long as it's not all they do. A lot of the shows really are educational. My kids have learned a lot from watching some shows, and most of the times my kids aren't phased to the tv or glued to it. They leave and play in their rooms or with their toys. They rarely sucked into the tv.
    I too miss adult interaction, and getting dressed. But I know if I did go back to work, I'd long to be with the kids and not miss anything. It's definitely not easy being a SAHM.
    And by the way, all the pictures I see of you pregnant, you look adorable! Try not to stress too much about the weight. xoxo

  6. Girl I can totally relate to all of this. I was slightly terrified going from one to two (mine are 20 months apart) plus I went from working mom to stay at home mom with 2 under 2 (just for 5 months before I went back to work). I will say at first it is hard, but I felt like having the 2nd baby was just so much easier than the first. You know what you are doing and aren't so worried about every little thing. Now, it is easier with 2 because they entertain each other!!

  7. I identify with so many of these! First, I applaud your even attempting a no spend month. With a little one, a growing belly, and SO MANY SALES, that's not easy. And the cookies - story of my life. Tossed some sweets in my office trash at work yesterday and an hour later I was staring at them wondering why the heck I had done that. We're in the same boat weight-wise. It doesn't seem to matter that I'm eating better and less and am more active. Weight is coming on the same way. But you know what, I bet we'll be better off after this time because we've been eating healthier. (Here's hoping, right?) And I think you look fantastic, by the way. Skinny-Minnie with a tiny bump!

  8. I keep saying I wish I could be a SAHM but I know I would go nuts after a few days. I've been home with Hunter the past two days because he had pink eye and I couldn't wait to get back to work today. Work is far more relaxing than being home with a sick 2 year old.

  9. I enjoy your posts like this- thanks for keeping it real! I almost wrote something similar. I'm not sure I'm cut out for being a stay at home mom either! I've done it every summer and usually by this time in the summer I'm feeling this way, but know that back to school time is right around the corner....only this year it isn't since we're moving to CO in September and I'm not planning to teach for at least a year. It's way different with little ones than with a school aged child, but the lack of adult interaction is hard some days and adjusting to not having my own money is new too. I feel guilt with every purchase and all the sales lately aren't helping! Ugh! I'm sure there will be challenging days, but I don't think you'll ever regret your decision to stay home with your little guys. Maybe there's a playgroup or stroller strides in your area that might help you to get more adult interaction and also get out for a bit.

  10. Oh girl. Confessions are my fave. They make me feel less alone. I hear you! I hope your vacay is fab and you get to relax. Mobile kids = tired mamas.

  11. Girlfriend - I give you a TON of credit. Not only do you have a little guy running all around, your husband isn't around during the day AND you're keeping another little bambino cared for inside of you. I mean, quite honestly that exhausts me and scares me just thinking about it - plus you can't do a few tequila shots on Friday to just let loose.

    But you are doing a GREAT job. Hang in there and don't worry about breaking your no-spend month.....minor thing, and you need to indulge now and again!!

  12. I love this post. Keeping it real, girlie! I don't know if staying at home is for me forever but for now my family needs me! And I shamefully love reality TV as well :(


  13. You will do great with 2 kids. Think of all the people who made it work (and they didn't have half the helpful stuff we do now!). Your cookie story makes me think of Sex and the City when Miranda keeps eating the cholcolate cake out of the trash so she has to douse it in Dawn haha. I may/may not have pulled something out of the (top!) of the trash before myself.

  14. I once threw away a cake and then went back in and took a few bites. While it was in the trash, but it was on top and it was my "clean" trashcan :)
    I am sure its tough being home all the time. You can email me and I can give you a powerpoint or two to create if you would like.

  15. No spending months are the worst! Especially pregnant - girl you need clothing! And don't feel bad about watching reality TV, I am currently sitting on my couch watching "Married at First Sight" OnDemand!

  16. There are good days and bad days when it comes to being a SAHM (or anything else really!). Try to focus on all the beautiful moments you have with your son. It is tiring and frustrating at times, but it is and will be worth it! My two are 18 months apart and that really scared me at first, but it's turned out to be wonderful. Don't get me wrong, it was a little bit of a rough start, but they're so close in age that they really take care of one another and can play so well together now (they're 3 and 18 mo now). Hang in there! I'm sure you're doing a great job! Also, something I do to get out with some adult interaction is to be in a book club with my friends and also to set up play dates for my little ones. Maybe you could try something like that to get out? Thanks so much for sharing - I love reading real posts like this. -Jess


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