Five Things I'm Loving this Summer

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it's July 23rd. This summer is just flying by and pretty soon I'm going to be posting about jeans and pumpkin spice lattes.  Until then I'm going to continue to soak up these long hot summer days.

Here are five things I've been loving this summer:

1. Strawberry Salad

We had a strawberry salad with goat cheese and candied walnuts at the wedding we went to two weeks ago and now some version of a strawberry salad has been my lunch every day for the past two weeks.

I'm a horrible blogger and haven't taken a pretty photograph of the strawberry salads I've been making lately but this one above from The Healthy Foodie is pretty close.  
I've been using mixed greens, strawberries, crumbled goat cheese, and honey roasted pecans.  I've been using Annie's Balsamic dressing or Annie's Raspberry dressing, I use a very small amount of dressing not to over power the other flavors.    The salad is heavenly and so light and refreshing.  

2. La Croix Passion Fruit

Have you tried the new passion fruit La Croix flavor?  It's so good and just screams summer.   I can imagine it might be good with a little vodka in it too.  Maybe you all can try that for me? The passion fruit, apricot, and mango are only available at Target right now.. 

3.  Pink Stitch Maxi and Mini Dress 

I know I am totally beating a dead horse here but this maxi dress is the best!  First of all it's so comfortable for hot summer days since the material is so light, but lined so it's not see through, and the cut is really airy.   It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I've worn mine with heels, Jack Rogers, and regular old flipflops.     
For those of you that aren't pregnant my sister tried the dress on and it was just as flattering on her as it was on me and didn't make her look big at all. 

I have my eye on the mini dress because it looks just as cute but I'm a little worried with my height and baby bump that it might be too short. 

4. Step 2 Tropical Island Resort Water Table

Step2 Tropical Island Resort

My parents gave Miller this water table for his birthday and we love it!  We just set this up next to his mini pool in the backyard in the afternoons and it's endless fun.  He can play and splash and just has the best time.  If you have a kid around Miller's age and are on the fence about the water table I say get it!   It has helped pass the time on these long hot days recently! 

5. Justin's Maple Almond Butter 

 I was introduced to almond butter at the beach a few weeks ago and now I'm hooked.  I had wanted to try almond butter for awhile but I didn't want to buy a huge jug and then hate it so when my father in law had some at the beach I had to try.   It is sooooo good.   I ate mostly the maple almond butter while we were there and I've been having it at home on apples as a snack.   It just feels a bit lighter than peanut butter and is much more delicious.   The best part is it tastes sweet but only has 3 grams of suger per serving size! 

So what are you loving this summer?


  1. Grammy got the girls a water table last Summer and Mikaela loved it sooo much! I agree, best summer purchase.

  2. Loving those maxi's and that goat cheese salad! We got goat cheese at Costco the other day, and I'm adding it to everything - so good!
    My kids love the water table too!

  3. Water tables are the jam. I want to try that ALmond butter. I love strawberry salads. Try swapping the strawberries for figs and blueberries when you get tired of it. It is a good switch up!

  4. I looove almond butter too -- especially Justin's maple version!

  5. That salad is one of my personal favorites as well. I'm totally craving it now!!

  6. Love both of those dresses! So cute and perfect for summer! And I really need to try that La Croix Passion Fruit, everyone says its so good!

    <3, Pamela

  7. I don't know where to start! Yes to that salad. Still dying to try those La Croix flavors. Still want a Pink Stitch dress! I need to get on that! And I've been wanting to try Justin's for awhile now. I've only had Costco's almond butter and it kind of grossed me out which is surprising since I love almonds and peanut butter. I need to give Justin's a shot!

  8. Justin's makes a Vanilla Almond Butter that tastes like CANDY! Oh my word, it is so delicious!!!

  9. Yes. To all. That is the best water table I've ever seen. And that is my favorite summer salad too!!!!! xx

  10. Yes, the water table is such a hit for the kiddos! Blaire is still interested in hers on occasion, at almost 3. Love a good strawberry salad. I've never heard of Annie's raspberry dressing - where do you find it? And strangely, I may be the only person I know who doesn't like LaCroix. I've tried to get on board with sparkling water and just can't.

  11. So need to make a strawberry salad so thank you for the reminder! Love, love almond butter (currently enjoying Barney Butter on Ritz as I type!). That maxi is stunning BTW and I'll have to look for the new La Croix. We are about limed-out!

  12. I have been enjoying a lot of strawberry and spinach salads too! Goes great with feta.

    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  13. I bet that LaCroix would be great with my coconut water vodka I love!!!

  14. Mmm that strawberry salad looks so good! I've been hooked on La Croix lately -- grapefruit is my favorite but I'm going to keep an eye out for passion fruit!

  15. That almond butter looks so good! I'm always looking for more snacky foods that are low in sugar. Yeah, water tables are awesome! We don't have an "official" one like yours, but we set up buckets on top of tubs with all kinds of water toys and cups to keep them occupied and entertained. Summertime is the best. -Jess

  16. I bought an entire cause of La Croix and just couldn't get into it. I thought it left a really bad after taste.


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