Naptime Confessions

- Miller has his first cold this week.  It's right up there with teething for "firsts I hate." It's miserable and I wish I could teach him how to blow his nose. 

- Despite the cold he has pretty much been sleeping through the night since March 1- Praise the Lord! He changed his nightly wake up from 4am to 11pm- which I can handle because I've either just fallen asleep or I'm still awake and I've been able to rock him back to sleep within 15-30 mins.

-Looking for recommendations on cute, longish t-shirts/sweaters/cute sweatshirts that can be worn with leggings and that won't break the bank.  If you have any please let me know. 

- We had another snowstorm this past Monday.  The only redeeming part was that Kyle got to work from home which is a nice treat

- My new BOB stroller arrived-  I'm so excited to use it,  if we ever get temps above freezing here. 

- Miller has officially outgrown all of his 6-9 month and 6-12 month pants so I had to buy him some 12-18 month pants from Gap today!! Why is my baby growing up so fast?!

- Speaking of growing up too fast he is now officially pulling up and scooting around on everything. My family room has turned into a gated child's den.  I thought the swing and bouncer were obnoxious- I was so wrong- the baby gate cage and colored floor tiles are much worse. 

-I have a little less than 4 months to start working on 1st birthday ideas- y'all WTF.  I swear I just had him.   I think we're going with a nautical theme- of course I've pinned about 100,000 ideas I'm not sure how I'm going to narrow it down.  

- I am not much of a cook which I mention here often but I pinned a bunch of recipes this week that I'm looking forward to trying.  Since we're trying to diet/eat healthy I'm looking for delicious things we can make that I would normally insist we go to restaurant for.  We will see how it goes- I'm going to try them next week. 

-Speaking of food I am craving French Fries from on of my favorite places in my college town.  I googled the place to see if it was still open and according to Yelp the fries are still only $1.25, come in a large paper bag and the place still only takes cash.  I love when things stay the same. 

- Have you all heard about oil pulling?  I've been seeing it all over facebook and I'm very intrigued.  You basically swish with coconut (or other oils) for 20 minutes and then spit it out and it's supposed to detoxify your mouth and body.   If anyone does this please let me know what you think.

Can you believe tomorrow is Friday?! 


  1. Not gonna lie, 20 minutes sounds like a looong time to swish oil around in my mouth! I would probably end up accidentally swallowing most of it and eventually gain 25lbs from all of the oil I'd be ingesting :). That would be just my luck!

  2. I think I already told you this but you will love the BOB. Also, I felt the same way about the first birthday and I WAS glad I started two months in advance-doing a little at a time because it is really hard to CRAFT + BUY with a wee one.

  3. How has he gotten old so quickly!?! Time flies. Sorry he has his first cold. There's nothing more heartbreaking than a sick kiddo. Hope warmer weather finds you soon!

  4. Love the nautical theme idea! You can do so much with that!

  5. ahh we are on the same page this week...Brody has his first "cold" or really bad teething symptoms this week that started Monday night. It has been an awful week. And the reason I think he has more than just bad teething symptoms is because now I'm sick and so is my MIL that's been helping me with him. It's no fun at all!! Hope Miller gets better soon!

  6. I haven’t heard about oil pulling and am now totally intrigued! LOVE the nautical theme!

  7. If I could, I would spend 12 months planning each of my kids' parties - it's just too much fun and Pinterest has more than enough amazing suggestions for any theme! But I can't believe he's grown so fast! I'm thrilled the temps are supposed to warm up for a few days and hope you can get out with your bob (which I'm sure you'll love - it's the best!)! BTW, I'm pretty grossed out by the idea of swishing oil in my mouth for any amount of time...not sure if the potential benefits are worth it!

  8. Oil pulling? Hmmm, this is totally new to me. Sounds so strange, yet I'm curious to try... Haha!! Love the randomness of this post and everything you discussed.

    Trace has started to pull up on everything and it makes me laugh so hard.

    Do you have a Nose Frida? If not, purchase one asap. I've used it on Trace everyday since he was about 1 month old and I swear it's the most gross, yet most handy baby device ever. A total necessity in my opinion. But seriously seriously gross....

  9. I need some tops to go with leggings, too! This post-baby bod is not fun and until it's gone, I need to find a way to dress it! Also, I have no idea how these babies are getting so big. You did just have him. You did! And I literally just read an article on oil pulling. So weird but I'm intrigued.

  10. I get tops for leggings on Jane.com a lot, Shopbop, H&M and Marshall's. Those are my go-to's! I'll send you the links of any I find since we like the same things! I was reading about oil pulling and want to try it but I am totally scared it will make me gag. Let me know if you try it!

  11. Today I had to order a bunch of summer clothes for Hunter in size 3T...3T!!! WTF?! I miss the cute little bitty baby clothes.

    Also, there's no way I could swish something around for 20 minutes, aint nobody got time for that.


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