Five on Friday: TV Show Edition

TGIF!! I can't believe the first week of March has already come and gone already.  2014 is flying by!

Today I am sharing my favorite TV shows (not including reality shows).  Before I had Miller and even when he was a newborn and slept a lot I had endless time to watch tv.  These days my time and my sleep are precious so I've tried to narrow down my shows to only ones that I love and can easily watch later on my DVR.

1. Scandal-  I actually became hooked on Scandal when Miller was first born and I was spending many hours on the couch nursing him.  I was easily able to binge watch season 1 and 2 to get caught up.   I can't wait to see how this season continues- I didn't get to see last nights so no one spoil it for me!

2. Nashville- I absolutely love Connie Briton and hope I have her body in my 40s.  Sometimes I think the drama is a little outrageous but I love the music and the Rayna/Juliette rivalry along with the Rayna/Decon love affair.  I'm not a huge fan of the Gunner/Scarlett/Avery thing but Avery has been growing on me lately.

3. New Girl-  I think this is one of those shows that if you didn't watch from the beginning it's hard to get into because I tried to get my sis into it but she just doesn't see the obsession. I love all the characters- especially Nick and Jess together, Schmidt is ridiculous, Cece has the best lines, and even Winston who's been annoying lately is still loveable. 

4.Dallas- Yes this is a ridiculous remake and total primetime soap opera but I LOVE Dallas!  I don't know if its because it reminds me of spending the night at my grandmother's house cuddled up in bed with her watching Dallas on Friday nights but I can't give it up.   I also like that it's usually on when my other shows are off giving me a chance to watch it.  The good looking boys don't hurt either.

5. House of Cards-  This is a new one for us and I'm only about 8 episodes in but I've decided that it's a must watch!  I can't wait to see how the first season plays out so we can move onto season 2.

Do you watch any of these shows?  What are your favorite non reality tv shows?  Does anyone watch True Detective?  My husband is hooked on it but I just can't seem to get into it. 

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  1. Scandal and Nashville are two of my favorites and New Girl - I love that show so much. It has to be one of my all time favorites!

  2. Okay, so New Girl. I give up. I watched seasons one and two on Netflix. Season 1 I thought was ok, season 2 I really liked. I HATE this season. I try to watch it each week on my DVR and half the time I delete it. I just cannot stand Nick. It makes no sense to me why Jess would date him. And I started to love Schmidt in season 2 but now I feel like he's annoying again. I liked him and CeCe together. That's probably far too much on a half hour sitcom but there ya go. :) I love HOC and I want to give Scandal another try. I watched that first half season they did and then never watched again. I also watch True Detective but I'm behind. Need to get caught up before the finale!

  3. House of Cards is amazing. Love New Girl, Scandal and The Mindy Project and Orange is the New Black.

  4. I LOVE Scandal!! I haven't watched last nights episode yet either and it's killing me. I also watch Nashville and Dallas. I don't really like Scarlett but Avery is growing on me, I like him with Juliette. I watched Dallas growing up with my dad. I miss J.R.

  5. Heard great things about all of these but have only seen New Girl haha I want to netflix House of Cards though!! Happy Weekend!!

  6. #2 and 4 are the only shows the hubs and I can actually watch together. I agree totally with your thoughts on Nashville. And Dallas I love but it is as intense as a soap opera. I am often left feeling like, "Gah, can't XXX catch a BREAK?!"

  7. We love House of Cards! It's fun to point out/recognize many of our local spots in the scenes (we live in Baltimore). We've been watching True Detective. I had a hard time getting through the first few episodes and wasn't sure it was going to be a show I'd enjoy. Although it's only an hour long show, the first few episodes moved so slow, it felt like a 2 hour movie. I've stuck with it though and am enjoying it more every week. Another show that we've gotten hooked on is Homeland.

  8. So, I feel really old and boring that I don't watch a single one of these shows. I really need to add some better TV to my life. Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries are just not cutting it for me anymore. :)

  9. I love Scandal! I went through the biggest withdraw when it was on hiatus over the holidays. I also love Nashville and Avery has been growing on me this season. I hated him all of season one. I keep hearing great things about House of Cards. I'll start it after I catch up on Game of Thrones. I've been binge watching it.

  10. Scandal is my number one right now!


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