Baby Mills: 2 Months

2 months as of 8.27.13! Where is the time going! 
Weight:  12lbs 12 oz (75th percentile)
Length: 24.75 inches- (95th percentile)
Mills has gained 5lbs and grown almost 5 inches since he was born!! The nurse measured him twice because she was in shock that he had grown that much.  I'm tall and so is my husband so it's not totally shocking but it's crazy how fast it's happening.   

Clothes: We are pretty much completely in 3-6 month clothing.  He is fully grown out of the 0-3 sleepers because he's so tall but he can still fit into 0-3 onesies and outfits if they are shorts and not pants.   It was quite depressing to pack all those clothes away. 
Health: He's doing great.  Since passing the 6 week mark the hiccups are very rare and he really doesn't spit up or get an upset tummy unless he's eaten too much

Diet: Still 100% Breastmilk and going well
Sleep: Right around the one month mark he started sleeping 5-6 hour stretches and now we are currently working on 8-10 hour streches!!! We were getting 10pm-6am but he's now doing more 9pm-7am.   I would say it's amazing to get so much sleep but I still find myself waking up at 4am and again at 6am checking on him because I can't believe he's still sleeping.  

Baby Gear Love:   Still loving the FP cradle n swing, , Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, FB rainforest activity mat,  Baby Jogger City Mini, Diaper genie, Pack n Play, Pottery Barn Sailboat mobile 

Likes:  Eating, sleeping on mommy or daddy, his swing, baths, going on walks, watching the mobile in his crib, Rainforest play mat

Dislikes: pacifiers and the car seat

Crying: He only cries when he's hungry or in his car seat - if anyone has advice for a baby who hates their car seat I would love to hear it?!

Milestones: First vacation to OBX! It was so much fun to take Mills to OBX where K and his family have been vacationing for 30 years.   It was so fun for him to have the opportunity to spend time with K's side of the family and his older cousins

As you can see the ocean water was thrilling.

Social/Visitors: We had our first family vacation with K's family so Miller got to see some other little kids/babies and it was interesting to see how he just sort of stared as his older cousins and watched their moves.  I can't wait until next year when they can all play together at the beach.  He's been out to dinner quite a few times which is pretty good except for the whole hating his car seat.  I think it will be easier when he can sit up in a high chair and look around. 
Postpartum: I've been doing really well.  I got the clear to exercise again around 7 weeks but I haven't really done much yet besides walking.  I tried to do cruches last week and OMG I could barely lift my shoulder off the ground.  I'm going to try to start running now that our weather seems to be cooling off a bit and slowing ease myself back into lifting/crunches.  My goal is run 2-3 times a week and lift/crunches 2 times a week.   I'm going to take it slow because my c-section site still gets sore sometimes so I don't want to push it.  



  1. He is such a cutie! And you are doing great mamma!

  2. Well, you look great from what I can see :)

    Can't believe he is 2 months already! Looks like he enjoyed the beach. He was probably a bit more relaxed than his parents...

  3. Well hello there handsome! He's such a good looking kid! And you look great too, mama! Glad to hear you're both doing well and he's a good sleeper. What a difference that makes!

  4. Oh my goodness! Mills is so darn cute!!

  5. Oh, and I'm going to be in DC this month for a few days. I know it's a little out of your way, but any chance you'd like to meet up for a drink/dinner? I'm hoping to get something scheduled with a couple DC area bloggers that I'm dying to meet (you included). 9/23 or 9/24... Let me know.

  6. He's precious! Ivey hated her car seat too. The only thing that helped was when she turned 1 and we turned her around and put her in a bigger seat.... Sorry. We used to vacation in OBX every year too! It's gorgeous!

  7. He is too cute! And getting so big! Glad he's sleeping well for you. As for the carseat, Blaire went through a phase or two where she hated it but it didn't last long. They change so fast. Hopefully he'll come out of this phase quickly for you!

  8. What a cutie! Weeks is tall too, he grows out of his clothes so fast!

  9. I need to whip Trace into shape because homeboy is not even close to sleeping through the night!!

  10. Happy 2 months baby Mills! So great that you are getting good stretches of sleep. Your family vacation at the beach looked like fun! I am so sad that summer is basically over, but am already looking forward to next summer with a 1 year old!

    1. My baby is four months, 100% breastfed and still wakes up at 3 am at night! So lucky he's sleeping at night!

  11. He is doing so great! That is some amazing sleep! He is so alert and adorable! Greyson hated and still hates the car seat. It stinks to get one of the ones that don't like them! We put a lot of toys on his car seat for him to look at and always tried to drive around nap/night time so he would be drowsier. As he got older we put an ipad on the seat with Baby Einstein and Eebee baby on it. That made things a million times easier!

  12. He is sooo cute!! And he's going to be tall! I think Ronan is a big boy too, at least from people's reactions when I tell them how old he is - do you get that a lot too?


  13. He's adorable!! Such sweet pictures! Congrats on your precious baby boy.

  14. Ha ha- love that photo of him dipping his toes in the water :)

  15. OMG that white beach coverup with the sailboat! Adorable!

    I think some babies prefer the convertible car seat so maybe you can switch to that earlier? I have heard that some infant seats overheat more so maybe he's too warm?
    I will say I have talked to two different car seat techs (the people who install) and it's not true that forward facing helps with motion sickness. Older babies/toddlers can track something out the back window and watch it get smaller (as opposed to looking forward/side and seeing things go by quickly). I doubt a baby Miller's age is having motion sickness but just my two cents (I hear about parents and nannies moving the car seat forward facing before the one year mark and I don't agree with that)

  16. Aw he looks so sweet at the beach! I can't wait to take Ava next spring/summer!


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