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Happy Tuesday!  I don't know about you all but with a forecast of 80 degrees in April and a settlement with my favorite seller today it's gearing up to be a really good Tuesday.

This past weekend was a packed but fun weekend.  Friday night I had a Junior League Gala and rocked a pre-pregnancy dress!! It's the little things that excite me these days. 
This was actually a bridesmaid dress for my friend Kate's wedding 2 years ago- so you can wear bridesmaid dresses again and it's a bonus if the first time you wore it you weren't pregnant. 

Since the weather has warmed up we have been doing a lot of walking around these parts.   It's been good for all of us, it gets me and Kyle moving and it wears out Layla which is usually the intention of the walks.

We spent Saturday walking around downtown Annapolis.  I forget all the time how lucky I am to live so close to the water.  We decided we need to take more advantage of it this summer.

We stopped by Paws Pet Boutique to pick up a new summer collar for Layla. If you're local I totally suggest visiting them- they are so nice and friendly and have a huge selection of collars and leashes for dogs.   I really wanted to get the matching leash but Kyle refuses to let her be too girly.  

Sunday we ventured into DC with some out of town friends to see the Cherry Blossoms.  The weather man was wrong and I believe the highest it got to was maybe 63 degrees and it was super windy!  There was really only one tree with a few blooms on it but it was still fun to play tourist for a little while. 

 For the record it's impossible to get Kyle to dress up on the weekends. I gave up years ago.

 I've been meaning to share this with you for awhile but here is an updated shot of our family room with the white fireplace!   The room still has a long way to go and I have 100 ideas floating through my head but even just the paint changes made a huge difference. 

Ignore the ugly fireplace screen- we need a new one but can't more that one or Layla will roll around in the ashes.  

Now here is the before so you can compare: 

Hope you all have a good Tuesday and are enjoying warm weather!



  1. You look SO pretty in your old bridesmaid dress and the family room looks SO good!! Love the crisp white and neutral furniture!


  2. Spring in DC is so perfect with the cherry blossoms :)

  3. I love downtown Annapolis in the Spring. I love seeing everyone emerging from hibernation all winter .

  4. You look adorable! And that living room makeover is amazing! Good work!

  5. Such a change that paint made! Looks amazing.

    What kind of puppy is she again???

  6. love your living room makeover!

  7. you look so pretty in that dress! love the new look for the family room too!!

  8. Your living room looks lovely! You are so cute in that pre preggo dress, I was a whale preggo!

  9. LOVE the white brick on the firelace! I want to do that with ours! The whole room came together really well! I love Annapolis so much. There is nothing better than strolling around on a warm day. I hope it warms up more! You look great in that dress!! You're all belly and tiny!

  10. the house looks great! and you look so great in that dress. and a pre-pregnancy dress no less!! you look adorable w your husband in the little trench too!

  11. I love that mirror above the fireplace!! So pretty! Where did you find that? You are looking great btw!

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