Spring Wish List

This is what I woke up to this morning...
and it hasn't stopped yet! This is most snow we've had all year and it's supposed to be spring!  

Since I'm desperately wishing for warmer weather here are some items on my spring wish list! 

 I'm dying for a new pair of comfy chic flip flops and these look like they will fit the bill

I have been dying for a white bag this spring/summer.  I know white is totally crazy but I'm just dying to have one which is why I think this will be a good compromise because it isn't too expensive but will fill my need for white 

I need some tortoise shell/brown lens sunglasses and for some reason I am so drawn to these this year.  I think I'm looking for something classic since I have the wayfayers and aviators  that everyone is wearing and I'm sort of over those. 

I really want some colored jeans this year.  Since I hate spending a lot of money on clothes I'll only be able to wear a few more months these Old Navy Rockstar jeans are perfect and they come in a huge assortment of colors

I was looking for a new sandal but wanted something that was a wedge instead of a heel because the bigger I get I'm not sure how my balance will be.  These are also so comfortable which is why I love Toms.

What's on your spring wish list?  Has spring hit your area yet? 



  1. I don't own TOMS, but may need to try those!

    I can't believe this snow!!!

  2. The navy version of that flop is on sale at Toryburch.com for $30. Just go to her site and enter your email. It is a decent sale!

  3. TB was having a private sale yesterday...you may want to scope it out and see if it still on, because they had those flops for $30!!

    a peek of chic

  4. I'm on the East Coast, too, near Boston, and Spring is just starting to make an appearance. Last week we had about 8 inches where I live the day before the first day of Spring. What?! I wasn't happy. We've had a rough winter this year and I am SO ready for Spring. It's 40 today and I could bust out my flip-flops right now! :)

  5. Love the bag and the wedges! So so cute!

  6. I saw the snow and wanted to throw something LOL ENOUGH already mother nature!! Sooo over this cold.


  7. A classic pair of tortoise shell shades are a MUST. I own a million pairs of sunnies and they are by far my favorite and go with everything. You're going to be one stylin' mama!

  8. A white Longchamp tote would be perfect - it's not too pricey and you an spot clean it!
    I think there is a Tom's coupon out now? I've also thought about trying out the brand.

    p.s. I just found you on Bloglovin'. i'm still trying out other readers but here is my Bloglovin' link as well:

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. So over the snow in a BIG way. I love the Tom's! They have made so many cute new shoes lately!

  10. This snow is so gross. Thank goodness it's nice out today and it's all melting away! :)

  11. Okay, I was browsing through some of your older posts, and now I want those sunglasses. I love the style and color!

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