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 First off I'm sooooo bitter about Google Reader... so I have converted to Bloglovin and you can follow me with the link below:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Thankfully Bloglovin has pulled all the blogs I read from Google Reader over so I'm hoping that's all I need to do to keep up with all of you!   (if I'm missing something let me know)

-This Friday came too fast and too slow all at the same time. On Tuesday I couldn't wait until Friday and then yesterday I was like how is tomorrow Friday I'm not ready yet.

-I could really use a HUGE glass of wine tonight, clearly thats not happening.  Instead I treated myself to some donuts and decaf coffee 

-I absolutely love my puppy to the point that I have become a crazy dog mom but at the same time I had no idea how much work a puppy really is.  Layla is so sweet and loving but has so much energy and needs to be entertained 24/7 or she's getting into trouble.  Chewing socks, shoes, underwear, makeup brushes, toilet paper, etc, etc, etc.   I just like to think this is prepping me for having a baby.

-Pregnancy brain is REAL.  I will admit that I used to judge the pregnant girls I worked with when they would continually screw up and be like oh pregnancy brain. All I could think was wow what an excuse.  Well now that I'm there I will admit I was wrong and it does exist.
- I put my Uggs on the wrong feet and didn't realize it until I tried to walk
- I continually put my cereal away in the fridge
- I have become dyslexic with numbers and contantly switch up addresses. Which doesn't work when my job requires me to go to houses all day long. It also makes me look like an asshole when I program my navigation and then realize when I'm there that I'm at the wrong place.
-I put gas in my car yesterday and never put the gas cap back on or shut the door and just drove around like that for half the day
-I can never remember to do anything. I'm do the point of putting everything in my iphone calendar, in my planner and then setting 10 reminders on my phone for each thing and I still some how forget.  It's so frustrating.

-I'm so happy spring is here I just wish Maryland's weather would realize that and warm up  

-I'm going shopping in Georgetown tomorrow with some girlfriends and than having lunch on the waterfront at Farmers Fishers Bakers  which I'm so excited to try.  I'm hoping that high of 52 is true so we can enjoy walking around outside and not freeze.

 -I'm hoping to use this weekend to finally finish our unpacking.  I've decide that I need to have a blog sale because I have too many clothes and we need to have a yard sale because I have just as much house stuff that I need to get rid of

TGIF!! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



  1. I'm nervous about this whole blog lovin things. Although I don't use reader to read blogs, but I guess if other people do they won't see my posts? Yuck!

  2. AMEN about the Maryland weather - it's so frustrating! I just want to wear a light top and no coat. Is that too much to ask?! lol And I've never used Google Reader so I have no clue what I'm missing lol I'll be sure to follow you on Bloglovin'!

    Happy Friday!


  3. Oh girl, the pregnancy brain is brutal and then it turns into mommy brain! And seriously, where is Spring?! I'm so over this cold!

  4. Following you on Bloglovin! Have fun in Georgetown this weekend!! We love shopping in there when we can get up there. Where is our spring weather?? :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. I transferred my feed over to Feedly and really like it so far! And I could seriously go for some doughnuts and coffee haha :)

  6. have a great weekend!!! this google reader thing everyone is talking about is confusing to me - if I read blogs through blogger home page mostly does this effect it at all? and should I sign up for blog lovin? the pregnancy brain thing is cracking me up


  7. I totally agree about pregnancy brain; I thought it was a made up excuse until it hit me full force. I can't remember anything! I also try and put stuff in the most random places in the kitchen (think left overs in the dishwasher). I'm jealous of your possible 52 degree weather; I think New Hampshire is hovering in the mid 30s-low 40s...way too cold for this time of year in my humble opinion! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I'm in denial about Google Reader... they won't really take it away, will they?

    And I'm totally having pregnancy brain too!!! It's horrible, but real!

    And I wanna see some puppy pics! :)

    {love jenny xoxo}


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