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Hello blog world! How have you been?   I wish I was coming here to fill you in on something awesome I've been doing but unfortunately for you I'm not.  I've been pretty lame lately and low on blog material so you're getting bullet points.

- We got a Wegmans  in the new shopping center across the street from me and let me just tell you, it is the shit.  It is the WORLDS GREATEST grocery store.  That's not an exaggeration.  They have everything you could ever imagine needing or wanting to eat.  Next time I'm in there (if I can fight the crowds) I promise I will take pics.  Your mind will be blown.

- Due to excitement over said Wegmans above, me and Kyle had date night there on Saturday night.   Which consisted of wearing my sweats to a grocery store and hitting up the hot food buffet.  We are officially old and super suburban, but the food was AMAZING and it took all my willpower not to fill up 5 plastic containers. 

- Layla, our new pup, has been giving us a run for our money.  Oh.my.gosh. Puppies are such hard work!! How do people have kids?? I can barely handle one 5lb dog!  She is soo cute though it's so hard to say no to her, which is probably part of the problem.

- Here in Maryland we've totally gotten an artic chill in the air this week.  It was 34 degrees when I went to the dry cleaners this morning! I am not ready for it to be that cold yet?!?!!  I'm also in serious need of some new sweaters and winter clothes.

-I am so happy today is election day because I'm not sure I can stand another annoying commerical or facebook status update regarding the election.  I'm over it, but I am going to try to vote today at some point. 

- Anyone out there still watching Gossip Girl?  Thoughts on this season?  So far I'm not a huge fan at all.  I feel like they're trying really hard to re-create season 1 with Bart Bass being back and Dan being an outsider but I'm just not really liking any of the story lines.  I also think Nate dating a 17 yr old is creepy. 

-Is anyone watching Nashville?? I decided to try it out when I was homebound thanks to Hurricane Sandy and now I'm totally hooked! Love the drama. Would love to hear your thoughts on it? 

- Are Uggs still in?  I've had FauxUggs for the past 2 years (and real uggs before that) and I just threw them away this past summer.  Now that we have this dog that requires being walked in the cold I think I might need to invest in another pair- possibly tall ones.

- I can't remember if I've shared this tip on the blog before or not but I'm a HUGE fan of Revlon nailpolish.  It all started when my Target was out of a gray Esse color I was looking for so I tried out Revlon and now I am hooked.  They are only $3.99 a bottle and I swear to you it lasts sooo much longer than any Esse or OPI color.  (I also do my own manicures and they last much longer than a salon) I use Seche Vite top coat- it seriously dries in 2 minutes.  

- I'm hosting my annual Friends Thanksgiving this upcoming Saturday! It started about 3 years ago and has become a tradition among my friends- we usually cook the turkey and then everyone brings a dish and alcoholic beverage to share.  I think I have the most fun planning and decorating for the party- I will hopefully have lots of pics to share



  1. I would DIE if we had a grocery store across the street. And ditto on the election. Ditto.

  2. AMEN about the election. I am SOOO annoyed by people's posts. I had faux Uggs a few years ago in my college days and have since thrown them away as well. In my opinion they're ugly lol Not into them anymore but if you need to keep your tootsies warm - I say do it!


  3. uggs definitely aren't in - but i definitely wear them to walk the dog in the winter :) invest!! also, if you haven't already, get a spotbot for when your little bundle of joy messes up your carpet. they sell at bed, bath and beyond - get a 20% off coupon, the price isn't too bad then. works WONDERS!

  4. whatever i still wear my uggs.

    i don't like bart bass hating chuck. really, i think i am just watching it for the emotional roller coaster that is chuck and blair's romeo and juliet story.

  5. Your pup is so adorable! And I'm so jealous of your awesome grocery store...that must make me incredibly old and suburban as well. :)

  6. I still wear uggs. I don't care how unhip they ever become. I have the tall chestnut pair and I might replace them this year because I've worn them out!

  7. first, your pup is so damn cute. also, i still wear uggs and just ordered a new pair - it is freezing in chicago and they are the absolute only thing that even attempts to keep my feet warm. i need to catch up on GG and i saw the first nashville and heard its amazing so i need to catch up on that too! lately all i have been doing is catching up on homeland -- officially the greatest show ever (i know i know, i say that about everything)
    ps. if i see/hear one more political ad i will go nuts!

  8. I wear Uggs for running around. They aren't cute but whatever. So agree about the commercials...and I thought you lived there :) I was working in the area before the Wegman's opened!

  9. Your dog is too cute! i meant to say that earlier when I first saw her picture, but aww.
    Oh and yes I went to college by a Wegman's and people would sometimes hang out there! I love their focaccia, sandwiches, and fruit tarts too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. Puppies are so much work! Their like little kids. Oh my gosh girl, I am loving nashville. It's so good! I still love my uggs and I don't care if their in style or not.

  11. Can't wait to see photos from your Friendsgiving. I want to host one!

    Oh my gosh Layla is adorable! Puppies are such hard work! The chewing, the crying, the energy. I do not miss those days! If I get another dog I'll probably adopt one that is over a year or two old ;)

    I'm not loving GG either. I really miss the old GG. I hate (like actually hate) the annoying girl characters they bring on (Juliet, Charlie, and now the 17 year old).

    I wasn't sure about Nashville. I watched the pilot and was hooked. I watched all of the most recent episodes last weekend. Can't wait for this week's!

  12. Your dog is the cutest thing ever!!! I love that photo of her on the dishwasher :)

    Yes, GG is so annoying this season. Every time I see Dan, I want to scream "WASH AND CUT YOUR F-ing HAIR!!" I hate the guy Serena is with, and the Nate storyline with the seventeen year old is kinda pervy. Wonder how they'll wrap everything up now that it is the last season... hmmm.. questions.


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