I Bought Them...

and they are AMAZING!!  I don't care that they are kind of ugly and make my calves looks 4 times the size they really are, they are so comfortable and so warm that I almost wore them to bed last night.  I can guarantee you that I will be wearing these not only every time I walk the dog but every time I leave the house that doesn't require pretty shoes this winter.  

So do you still wear Uggs?  



  1. Last winter when our black lab puppy was just a few months old we lived in a townhouse. This required actually taking her out and walking her around early in the morning because we no backyard to let her wander. I tell you what, I had never been more glad to still own Uggs. I slipped on those babies every single morning. They were a life saver!!

  2. If I had a dog- maybe! I don't know why but they're just not for me anymore lol Those sure look cozy though!


  3. I wear my uggs on the weekends: around the house, walking the dogs etc. There is nothing warmer!

  4. so glad you got them. love em. completely worth my short fat looking legs :)


  5. They're super cute! If they are comfortable that's all that matters! xo
    Isn’t That Charming.

  6. I wear mine mostly as slippers around my house, but I hate taking them off! They're SO warm and comfy!

  7. I love my Uggs and I would totally wear these!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Rocking my knit grey ones right now. Also have a pair of the chestnut originals, and tall brown ones. I love them, I'm warm, I don't care!!

  9. I wear mine at home and the very rare cold days here. So comfortable!

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