Disappearing Act

Hello all!  I'm sorry that I am such a tease! I said I was back and then I disappeared again for 2 weeks.  Wow. This summer is flying by on me, I'm not sure how it's already July 16th but I've been busy and trying to enjoy every minute of this summer. I have also failed on taking photos but here is a bit of what I've been up to.

I spent the week of 4th of July in the Outers Banks with my husband's family and it was so nice to have a week away to lay on the beach.  It was HOT but we all stuck it out and enjoyed ourselves. We even got to see some fireworks on the 4th.  I also got to play with my 2 nieces who are 15 months and 11 months (now I have total baby fever!)  their little bathing suits and outfits were just too cute. 

I saw Magic Mike with my book club last Tuesday, it was good the stripping was comical at times but the guys were nice to look at (ha!).  The plot also got a little heavy for a stripping movie but I would say overall I enjoyed it.  The theater was PACKED we were shocked since it was a Tuesday but there was not one empy seat in there! 
Did you all see?  What did you think?

I've been wearing my J.crew pink neon shorts every where this summer.  If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen quite a few outfit uploads with them.  They are the best!

I've been attempting the natural hair look to give it a brek from all the product and heat I use on a daily basis.  My whole life I've always had pretty straight hair but lately it's got an interesting wave to it if I let it dry naturally. It's kind of crazy. Has this happened to anyone else?   Anyone else have their hair get wavier or curler as they've gotten older?  Here is a picture of the back of it at the beach. 

I promise this time that I am back for good and you can hold me to it!!  


  1. I had straight hair until I hot puberty and then it got really CURLY! I love your hair natural...great waves!

  2. YAY, you're back!!!! Couple things: Magic Mike = amazing and it should be in 3D. I'd see it again. Also, my sister's hair was the same way. Hers was poker straight (I inherited all the curl) and just a couple years ago it got pretty wavy then a little curly, too. (she's 28) It looks cute on you!

  3. Glad you had a great time at the beach! I love those pink shorts.

  4. cute outfit and blog!! thanks for visiting mine!


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