TGIF: Celebrity Round-up

TGIF People!! Are you ready for the weekend?  I know I sure am!

So let's chat about what some of my fave celebs have been up to this week:

Ok let's admit it she is super cute.  Not that I wasn't expecting her to be since her parents are cute but she is pretty adorable.  Look at those big eyes!

Clearly someone is pregnant... even though their husband thinks he's funny by tweeting that they're not denying or confirming anything, or maybe she just got fat and he likes kisses her belly now and having photos taken of it.


I really hope these two are dating.  I LOVED them together on That 70s show and they just seem much better suited than him and Demi or her and Macaulay Culkin.  Apparently this is them on a morning-after-sleepover coffee run

Blake Lively can do no wrong on the red carpet.  She seriously kills it every time. Here she is in a yellow Gucci number at the Savages premiere.  She is also quoted as saying she eats cupcakes and never works out, so I hate her. 

Are you all excited for Magic Mike??  Anyone going to see it this weekend?  My book club has a date to see it on July 10th.  I'm pretty sure it might be cheesy or have a bad story line but I'm really only going for the shirtless dancing.  Let's be honest.

And for your viewing pleasure here is a Magic Mike trailer that shows a bit more (backside) skin...



  1. Love the celeb gossip! :) Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Just saw Magic Mike with a friend! I'm usually not into the muscle man look, but if Channing Tatum is wrong then I don't want to be right - ha ha!

  3. What did you think of Magic Mike? I thought it would be more fluff-the second half was a bit too plot driven for me.

    There is NO way Blake doesn't work out. She does always look amazing on the red carpet!

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