Rug Deal: HomeGoods

I had to share this with you all because these are too good! I mean too good.  While I was browsing Homegoods this week on my lunch break, which I do often, I came across some amazing rugs at amazing prices.  I seriously was stopped in my tracks.  I have never seen rugs this good at my local Homegoods before. 

All the rugs are 8'x10' and $399.00 each except for the Sisal rug which is $299.00- such a steal for rugs this size!  (Sorry for the iphone pics- not the best quality!)

Now I just need to convince my husband that we need one of these in our living room!

 So which one do you like best? 

*if you're local I found these at the Columbia, MD Homegoods location
*this post is not endorsed by Homegoods at all, I just found these and had to share them with the blog world!


  1. I love finding deals like these, even though sometimes they are few and far between. I love #1 and the last sisal which will go with everything!

  2. I always hit that Homegoods when I am home! Got to great green artichoke lamps there last year.

    I like the 1st one!

  3. homegoods is seriously heaven!!!!! i would definitely pick #1! I got my favorite lamps from there last summer and my nightstands too - such a steal.


  4. Hi Nat, those are beauties! Our rug buyers have been doing an amazing job. Thanks for the shout out. Your friends at HomeGoods (PS this Insider is CRAZY for #2)

  5. Holy moly I've never seen rugs that look that good at Home Goods either. I love the first one!

  6. Oh I love that second to last one! This is why I love HomeGoods!

  7. Love the first one!! What great finds!


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