To any and all Twilight Fans

I would like to apologize for making fun of you.  I am sorry, so sorry. 
I just finished watching Twilight and I am officially obsessed.  Who knew vampires could be so sexy?!?!

I am going out tomorrow to buy all the books and reading them ASAP.   So any non-Twilighters please feel free to make fun of me.  


  1. If you loved the movie, you will love the book even more. Welcome to the club ;)

  2. The books are better - such a fun and fast read!

  3. Hahahaha! Welcome to the club! I don't know what it is about those stupid books, but I couldn't put them down. I read the first three non-stop back-to-back. I didn't really like them, but I douldn't stop reading them! And I don't like the characters, but I'm obsessed with them too! And I didn't want to like the movies, but I went to the premier at midnight! Gah!

  4. So funny! I have to confess to devouring the books. I was a woman obsessed. I don't love the movies as much, but I've seen them all and they're gettting progressively better. Hope you like the books!

  5. The books are SO much better! The movies are just an added bonus! You'll love them!

  6. Oh no! You've gone to the other side!

  7. Ha! Love it! Welcome to Forks, sister :)

  8. haha! i have NOT jumped on that train yet...

    also, do you want my murder mystery supplies? I can't really use them again because I know who did it! I found it online but did some extra work by printing them out. Let me know!


  9. Welcome to the club... My husband made fun of me while I was reading the books! He's like what next you going to go to the mall with your 14 year old girl friends :+)


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