In my mind I've gone to Carolina

Warning: Major Picture Overload!

We had a wonderful 10 day vacation!! We've never taken a vacation that long and while 7 of the days were a family vacation it was still nice to be gone from work and reality that long.

We spent the first 3 days in Charleston, SC.  Charleston is one of my most favorite cities and I couldn't wait to show K around.  We decided to visit Charleston to celebrate our first anniversary and it was such a good decision.  Even though it was extremely hot and humid we still managed to have a great time, despite being covered in a think layer of sweat. 

We stayed at the Andrew Pinckney Inn which was very quaint but in a great location and pretty close to everything, next time we're staying at the Charleston Place Hotel- we walked through it the first day and I instantly fell in love.

We did a ton of sight seeing and even more eating.  I am totally obsessed with all of the architecture in Charleston and it took all of my willpower to not knock on every door to see how the inside was decorated.

We spent the first day shopping which is always fun, mostly for K but I enjoy all shopping and credit card swiping no matter who it's for :).  We then took a harbor tour on the Carolina Belle which was fun and we learned so much history about the city and we got to see Fort Sumter which K loved.  
The next two days we just walked all over the city, we took so many tours I don't think I can name them all.  Thankfully we rewarded ourselves with a chocolate peanut butter cupcake from Cupcake.  Seriously one of the best cupcakes I've ever eaten!

The first night we had dinner at Slightly North of Broad or SNOB,  I had the most incredible sour cream apple pie for dessert. To.Die.For.  Southern food is so darn delicious.  
The second night we ate at Amen Street, which was just as delicious.  K actually works with the executive chef's father so we got to meet him and he treated us to some drinks!  We had shrimp corndogs for an appetizer, and they were soo freaking good and then I had scallops for dinner which were just as delicious. 
I swear food is better in the south.

No on to the pictures, I took about 100 more but decided to spare you from the endless scenery pics. 
Waiting for our Harbor Tour on the Carolina Belle

Charleston Harbor and Ports

Fort Sumter

Arthur Ravenel Bridge

Roof top deck at our hotel

The beginning of the Battery

The Battery

Pineapple Fountain- you could swin in all of these fountains- so fun!

Waterfront Park

Dinner at S.N.O.B

Cupcake- one of the best cupcakes I've ever had!

Great wine bar with pizza!

Me & K



  1. Looks like fun! B's reading over my shoulder telling me about each place. He's convinced we're moving there someday :) If we do, you can vacation at our house ;) Ha!

  2. Glad you found Cupcake! Isn't it yummy? I was so excited when I found it!

  3. Hey. I just stumbled onto your blog today. My husband and I went to Charleston in June for our anniversary. We stayed at Andrew Pickney too!! We love all the history and enjoyed every minute we were there. Very similar to the post I did about our trip too!! Cute blog, I will be back!


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