Friday Fun Facts

- I am OBSESSED Huge fan of Secret Life of the American Teenager.  For those of you who watch, which is probably no one since I'm pretty sure my readers aren't teenagers, I am a RAMY fan, that's Ricky and Amy and I like sooo want them to get together. I don't like Adrian I think she's kind of whorific and Ben is just weird. Wait actually all the characters are strange and everyone talks about sex WAY TOO MUCH. But ABC Family likes to tease me with a Ricky & Amy kiss so I keep coming back for more... 

- This cold weather is killing me. I went outside the other day and I thought it felt warm, it was 37. Seriously. My body is actually so used to it being FREEZING that apparently it now thinks 37 is warm.

- I'm a closet Destiny's Child fan. I've probably posted that somewhere on this blog before but I'm too lazy to look.  See it's weird because in general I'm not a Beyonce fan, at all. There is just something about Bills, Bills, Bills, Survivor, Bootylicious, and Bug a Boo that just does it for me

- I'm not a writer and I don't have this blog because I want to me a writer. As a matter of fact half the time I don't even know when to use there, their, or they're and my literature choices usually have titles like Mating Rituals of a North American Wasp, Queen of Babble gets Hitched, and Nearlyweds

- I gave up pizza for lent yet there is a pizza in my freezer taunting me.  It's just evil.

- If blogger didn't have spell check you all would be SOL reading my blog posts.

- There is so much snow left in Maryland they have taken to dumping it into bay because there is no where to put it and I'm pretty sure it won't melt until April

- "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" that is how I feel about the Tiger Woods speech and this whole situation in general, who are we to judge? Since when is it our job to judge?

- I don't know if like the new We Are the World, my grandmother was a huge Lionel Richie fan and the old version makes me think about being in her house when I was a little girl and all of our old memories. Plus who is Justin Bieber?

- So happy it's Friday and it's sunny even though it's only 40 I'm so happy to see the sun again!


  1. I get sucked into watching Secret Life too :) I agree...Ben is weird!

  2. Wow, are you my long lost twin or something.
    1. Totally sucked into Secret Life after watching a marathon one Saturday
    2.Totally feeling the same way about our 39 degrees yesterday..who needs a coat?!
    3.I rock out to Destiny's Child when I run all the time.
    4. I am not a writer either and rely too much on spell check.
    5. My dove candies (lent = no candy) call my name all night long.
    6. I agree about Tiger, what do his affairs have to do with his job? It's his buisness.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. 1. I want Ricky and Amy to kiss so bad! I can't watch the show right now b/c I sort of spent a week watching EVERY episode ever made and when I got towards the end of the ones On Demand my husband came in the room and pointed out that they say "sex" every 2 minutes. Now when I watch it I am distracted by the fact that every episode is about sex... GR.
    2. Oh gimme Destiny's Child any day... I love them!
    3. How could you give up pizza?!?!?! I'd die...
    4. I was wondering what they were going to do with all the snow around here... its kind of cool they are dumping it in the Bay but don't they have to worry about flooding or something?!
    5. They say temps here in MD are below average but if the sun is out and the thermometer says its above 40 I won't complain!

  4. Oh! Oh! Sadly, I know the answer to that last question. Chalk it up to having a 14 year old cousin. Justin Beiber (Bieber? I have no idea) is a tween singer and every girl ages 11-14 loves the kid. I heard one of his songs on the radio and could not believe it wasn't sung by a girl. I'm pretty sure he hasn't hit puberty yet because dude sounds like a girl! Know you know!

    {I'm not hanging my head in shame...28 year old women should NOT have that much knowledge about tweens}

  5. OMG, Justin Bieber just rubs me the wrong way. Ugh. Teeny-bopping pop star.

    And, yeah, 40 feels like summer to me too... woohoo, no winter jacket! LOL

    Have a good weekend, Nat! Stay away from that pizza. :-)

  6. OMG Ben is so annoying and Adriene is just awful. And what the hell is wrong with all of those parents?!?! What parent of a high school aged kid just lets their kids run around like that and have all kinds of sex and advocates it? It's bind boggling!

  7. I can't stand that new comer Justin Bieber. He just seems strange.
    Hope the weather gets warmer!

  8. I haven't watched Secret Life in a while! I'm obviously way out of the loop!

  9. Love this post! I don’t watch Secret Life of the American Teenager, but I see clips on The Soup sometimes and it looks interesting. I know they make fun of stuff in The Soup, so I’m sure things are taken out of context.

    I know what you mean about the cold. I think it got near 40 today and I was ready to break out the shorts. I also like Destiny’s Child. Jumpin’ Jumpin’ and Bug a Boo are faves of mine. I don’t blog to be a writer either. It’s definitely not my strong suit. It’s just for fun and I do the best I can.

    I cannot believe they’re dumping snow in the Chesapeake. Wow. You know it’s bad when that happens.

  10. haha cute blog! I'm new. :)
    I like that the pope was quoted as saying, "Tiger Woods who?" in reponse to a reporters question.

  11. oh my gosh - i completely agree about the whole justin beiber thing! i have no idea who he is but i'm afraid to admit that because i don't want my preteen cousins to think i'm lame... :)

  12. Could winter be any longer?! I really don't think so. I'm beyond over it. And Justin Beiber is adorable. I had no idea who he was until now but his little 12 year old (how old is he?!) voice gives me goose bumps.

  13. I fondly remember singing Bills Bills Bills into a rolling brush when I was 16. I was sad when DC split :( Also, Justin Beiber being a frequent twitter topic inspired me to look him up, furthing classifying me as OLD.

  14. Just found your blog, and I'm dying, because I thought I was the only 20 something who watches Secret Life. It's SUCH a bad show, but I am so sucked in and can't stop. Glad to find another fan of this fine television show :)


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