Answers, Snow, and Lent

So I think I'm finally back in my normal routine.  Thanks to the snow I was in the office a total of 13 hours last week and I was "working from home" on the other days but let's be honest this snow storm shut down the whole state so instead I was eating pancakes, drinking wine, and playing Scattergories with my parents.

Which was fun but let me tell you being snowed in with  your parents while your husband is in Houston gets old after about 3 days so the minute those roads cleared I was home faster than you can say thanksforlettingmebesnowedinandeatingallofyourfoodanddrinkingallofyourwine. 

I'm over the snow so I made a list of southern cities I wanted to move to.  Then those cities went and GOT SNOW so I was like whiskey tango foxtrot, I guess we're moving to the Caribbean.

Lent starts today or what I like to call the 40 days I try to make up for all the sinning (as in over indulgence of food, etc) I do the other 325 days a year.  

This year in the H household we will be giving up: Pizza and desserts

**one exception is the Crumbs cupcakes we still have left in our freezer which we know won't hold for 40 days but we'll be eating those on Sundays (you know the "cheat day"), I just had to be honest**

Ok now on to the second part of my answers..... 

 Brittany Ann wants to know...
 What lessons have you learned being married these last few months? 
 I think the biggest lesson I've learned is that it's not just about me anymore especially when it comes to spending money- this one might seem obvious or even stupid since we've been together 6.5 years but we never shared money prior to getting married and as I've said before I'm a spender, he's a saver. 
So it's taken a lot of adjusting on my part to learn that I can't just go spend $500 even $200 without at least letting K know, I'm still a work in progress as far as this whole sharing money thing goes but I'm learning.  It has definitely curbed by shopping habit for the most part because I'm learning to save for our future.  

Jules asked...
1. What are some of your pet peeves?
    a) People who reply all on mass emails!!! Nothing annoys me more than this especially when you don't        know half the people on the list and they are making jokes or saying something that isn't important to you.    Just respond to the sender!
    b) People who leave their turn signal on- especially on a busy road or highway because you're constantly anticipating their turn!!!

2. How did you and your husband meet?
   Well let's see it's kind of a long story... or actually I just don't know how to tell short stories.  So bear with me. 
Well it was the first week of summer after my junior year of college.  I was actually seeing this guy S for a few months  (nothing serious) and he begged me to go out on a Tuesday night in the first week of June to meet his roommate F who had been abroad in London and few of F's friends.  I really didn't want to go but reluctantly agreed to go because I knew my friend Ali would be there and I could hear my mother in my head saying "Go you might meet someone".  So I put on my black Gap halter top and my Abercrombie & Fitch cut off jean skirt with some J.crew flip flops so you know I was looking H-O-T, haha, and I went out. 
*disclaimer this was 2003 and I had just turned 21*

So S introduces me to his roommate and all of his friends.  Well I start chatting with this cute guy K in a striped polo shirt and we have one of those conversations that's like "no way me too!" and we realize we have a ton in common.   After spending most of the night talking to K I realize it's time to leave and I honestly don't want to leave,  I just want to keep talking to K but then I remember the whole part about how I came with another guy so I say nice to meet you and go home. 

I go to work the next day not really thinking much about the night before so the next night I have plans to meet up with S and his friends at a bar.  Well my friend Ali calls me and says she really needs to talk to me, I don't think much of it so I tell her I'll just chat with her when I get to bar.   I get to the bar and Ali pulls me aside immediately and is like "K wants to date you" and I'm like ":who?"  and she's like "K the guy in the striped shirt" and I'm like "Whoa he met me for like 2 hours, and really he wants to DATE ME?? Wow"  and she's like "I know, he says you're way to hot to be dating S and you should be dating him"   At this point I'm thinking Ok Mr. Cocky, WAIT he called me Hot, ok never mind he can be cocky.  Then she tells me that K told her he used to see my on campus freshman year when we lived in the dorms and he always wanted to talk to me because he thought I was cute but didn't know how!!   I'm shocked because I've never seen him before. ever. and I knew a lot of people at this point in college.   So I tell Ali that I should probably break things off with S but that she is more than welcome to try to set us up if she wants to, obviously she agrees because I swear girls LOVE setting each other up.  

I decide to wait a few days before I say anything to S because I don't want it to be too obvious and part of me felt a little bad, he was a really nice guy but he deserved a girl that really liked him not one that was just kind of dating him because well she didn't have anyone else to date. ( I know that probably sounds awful but I was young).   So on Friday night I tell S that we should just be friends and that I've had a lot of fun with him and I wish him the best of luck and he says "It's K isn't it, you're going to date him aren't you" and I was like "umm what, no, no where did you hear that??" and he was like " I didn't I could just tell on Tuesday when you guys were talking, you just looked good together and it just seemed like something was clicking with you two, like you guys should be dating. I was just waiting for you tell me"  I was totally shocked at this point and didn't really know what to say but I said "Honestly that's part of the reason.  We really hit it off and I think I just want to give it a shot. Don't be mad at me this may all backfire in my face and then I guess you'll have the last laugh".  He said he wasn't mad, a little upset and disappointed but not mad.  We hugged and agreed to be friends.

I didn't see K again until a week later when my friend Ali called me to meet up with her, F, and his friends.  We ended up again at a bar talking all night again until finally I asked him if he was going to get my number (man I was ballsy at 21) and he said Yes I was just going to ask you.  He called me the next day at 10am we made plans for that night, and the next night and then we pretty much spent the rest of the summer glued to each other, totally grossly obsessed and in love with one another.  I was scared that when summer was over and everyone came back to school he would go back to hanging out with his frat brothers and send me packing but as you all know that didn't happen....

I still have a few more questions to answer so I'll be back with those tomorrow!


  1. I am giving up snacking... I don't think I could live without pizza once a week so kudos to you (I snack more than I have pizza though so snacking is out for Lent!)

  2. Did someone say Caribbean?? I'm in!!

  3. I vote for the Caribbean as well!!!

    Can't wait to see the rest of the questions and answers!

  4. Pizza....I couldn't do it....good luck!!!

  5. What a lovely story. You never know when and where you'll meet that person and it's so cool that you both knew early on.

  6. I cannot believe you're giving up pizza! I could never, ever do it! Lot's of luck to you guys!

  7. Good luck with Lent! And I love your love story. Sent me back reminiscing to my glory, er, college days ;)

  8. Loved reading how you guys met--so cute!


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