Friday Fun Facts

1. Do you like my new header?
I made it myself via Microsoft Word and Paint! I don't think it looks to shabby considering I am 1.) not that creative and 2.) have no idea how to use computer programs to design things, I'm a work in progress. I just thought it would help spice up the blog!

2. I forgot to mention how sad I am that Ed Mcmahon and Farrah Fawcett died, I was just as shocked by these two deaths as I am by Michael Jackson's, it's been a sad week in Hollywood.

3. Starting this weekend I have ZERO free weekends until after my wedding. I will be on vacation for 4 of them but subsequently traveling on one of the weekend days so my next free weekend is officially Sept 12, 2009.

4. I am going to be an Aunt!! My future sister and brother-in-law decided to adopt a few months ago and just found out they were "chosen" by a birth mother!! Their baby girl is due on November 5th which happens to be there wedding anniversary- so we feel like it's fate!! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as adoptions are a very difficult decision for both parties. Also BFFs if you're a mom and you have some good advice for her you can stop by her blog here to give her the in and outs of being a new mom! This will be the first grandbaby in our family so it's a pretty exciting time :)

5. To tweet or not to tweet? Twitter might be the only social networking site I have yet to join and I just can't decide if I want to or not. I don't know that my life is so exciting that you would want to know what I'm doing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you really care that I'm grocery shopping at Walmart on Saturday mornings or that my exciting Friday night consists of baby sitting a 3 yr old and eating pizza?

6. K and I have been together officially 6 years this month, we don't really have a specific date. We met in June 2003 and in 64 days I'll finally officially be Mrs. H.

7. I am not a DIY person but I am currently attempting working on a DIY project that I promise I will unveil to you all once it is perfect complete.

8. I have been pulled over 4 times in my life (3 times this year alone, opps!) but I've never gotten more than a warning. I have inherited my mom's ability to shamelessly flirt with a cop to get out of a ticket.

9. I buy all of my books because I am horrible at returning library books. I currently owe the library $25 in late fees, I have been avoiding it because I don't want to pay and I just found out that stuff now goes on your credit report. Awesome- I will be heading to my library right after work.

10. Whenever I do these lists I have a hard time not going to 10, it is the perfect number for a list so sometimes I feel like I'm stretching by the time I get to 10.

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has an awesome weekend :)


  1. I am horrible about returning library books too! They sent me to collections once! Oops! :)

  2. i love the header! the boy and i will hit our six year anniversary this year to. hooray for celebrating it by getting married!

  3. Hope you are having a great week! I plan on going shopping for you this weekend!

  4. Congrats on 6 years! That's so awesome. And I'm all about avoiding twitter. I feel it's just a ripped status update from facebook.

  5. Seriously, that is exactly why I buy books! I mean, it's not like I can guarantee I'll have time to read what I check out! I once owed the library $75, and that was the last time I used a library card! I don't plan on getting one again till we have kids and I need to do story-circles etc. (And I can guarantee the books can be read in one 15-minute, chid-friendly sitting!)

  6. I love your random list!

    1. Happy almost 6 year anniversary!
    2. It has been an extremely sad week in Hollywood. I am so upset about MJ and really like your Man in the Mirror idea below.
    3. Your new header is really cute and I think it looks nice. I also cannot wait to see your DIY project.
    4. I'm on Twitter, but I don't really use it a lot. It is kind of fun, I just haven't gone crazy over it.

    I hope you had a nice weekend :)

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  8. Just ran across your blog..love it! And the first thing I noticed was your header..I'm shocked you did it yourself, it's adorable! Congrats on 6 years and being an Aunt..how wonderful! As for the Twitter thing.. I use to be a hater..now I'm addicted, ha! I use it just for blogging though and I'm 'friends' with other girls :) Have a great week!

  9. I love the header-- very cute! You should absolutely join twitter, so fun. And happy anniversary!

  10. congrats on being an aunt! that's super exciting!

  11. my mother is a librarian and my books are always being returned late! she is horrified...

  12. P.S. you won my giveaway! Congrats :)


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