Friday Fun Facts

-I have lived in Maryland my entire life. I want to move to another state for at least 2 years just to be able to say that I lived somewhere else.

-I want my kids to have southern accents. I think they're cute.

-I recently became a nervous flyer. Xanex and wine do the trick.

-After having cats for majority of my childhood I found out when I was 14 that I was allergic. I've hated cats ever since.

-I love wine, I cannot stand beer anymore, it's gross (I don't know how I drank it in college). I am that girl at a BBQ or in a dive bar with a glass of wine. No joke. I will tailgate and play beer pong with wine if I have to.

-I want to learn another language

-My Mom is my hero, I used to never want to turn out like her now I hope I am half the woman she is.

-I will only work out to rap music and country music. They are my two favorite genres.

-There is no place I would rather be than the beach- any beach, anywhere.

-There is nothing better than sitting at a picnic table eating Crabs and drinking on a hot summer day

Here is a funny little website to cheer up your Friday!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm with you on the wine, I'm "that girl" too! Although, I have never tried it with beer pong or flip cup:)

  2. I felt the same way about my mom growing up, and now I wish I had her life. Funny how perspectives change, huh?

  3. i feel the same way about the beer. i will play ANY drinking game with wine or a cocktail, but never beer. we are also on the same page about crabs and the beach. the season is so close!!!

  4. My mom is my hero too, so I can relate. I've lived in PA my entire life. We're practically neighbors!


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