TGIF and I'm getting old

This was such a looong week. Thank God It's Friday. Work has been crazy. Which is good because we need to be busy in times like these. K has been in California all week. So not fair either because it's been 18 degrees and freezing alllll week long. Plus his parents are coming this weekend so I have been frantically cleaning and organizing, which has actually been great because I finally got pictures hung that I've owned for over 4 months. It's amazing what the pressure of impressing people will make your lazy butt do.
I'm excited for my future in laws to see our house and take a tour of Annapolis, see my church, reception site, etc.

Now the kicker to my weekend... I am "offically" entering my late 20's (sigh)

I am turning 27 on Sunday.

I am still not sure exactly how I feel about this. I know I am not that old but I still think 27 sounds a lot older than 26. Well gonna make this one quick because the good thing about getting older is the celebrating... going out to have drinks and dinner with my friends!

Happy Weekend :)


  1. i turn 27 in march and i am feeling a bit down about it too....

  2. Same here, as I am already 27 and going to turn 28 in the end of the year *argh*


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