Front Door Refresh

Our front step is looking a little worse for the wear these days. The door mat is completely faded and has fall leaves printed on it, we don't have any greenery (except this too small wreath), and our lights need to be replaced badly.  Since it doesn't need anything too major I put together a little plan to refreshen it up this spring.

Here is the before, not edited or anything:

Now here is our plan for sprucing it up:

We actually just got some ferns potted this week and those have helped immensely.  The faux magnolia wreath and welcome mat just arrived and I'm so excited to get them out.  The last thing on the list will be the lights. I think we will want to hire an electrician to install those and I feel like those will make the biggest difference of all.  I can't wait to show you how it looks once it's all finished.  

The one blessing of being home so much lately is that I feel like I'm finally getting around to small house projects I neglected for way too long.   Have you been tackling any house projects now that you've been home so much? 

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