2019 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Dinosaur Lover (Who Has Everything!)

Happy Holidays 2019! Can you believe we are only a week from Thanksgiving?! I can't! I know it's early but I've already started on some of my gift guides to hopefully help you all jump start your shopping.  This one is a special one to me because my life pretty much revolves around dinosaurs ;) If you've followed here long enough or know me in real life you know my boys are all about the dinosaurs.

Since I know many of you have kids of similar ages that like dinosaurs or nieces or nephews that love dinosaurs I thought I would share this list first.  This one is specifically for the 4 years and older dinosaur lover who already has all the dinosaur things you can think of but you still want to give them a great gift.  This list is tested and approved by two dinosaur fanatics so you know it's a good one.

I picked these up for my boys before we went to NYC in October and they love them.  They love anything with a dinosaur on it and the flip sequin adds a fun little detail to it.  

If you're not familiar with this series of books yet it's a great one for new readers! I actually started with reading this out loud to both my boys and now Miller can read most of it himself.  They have lots of different themes in this series but we of course started with the dinosaurs 

My boys love their Lego dinosaurs but the sets are so expensive and most of the time the boys just want the dinosaur out of the set and could care less about all the other pieces.  I discovered this set of 12 dinosaurs on Amazon and have already purchased it. All the reviews say they work with regular legos so you can't tell the difference! 

This is great for older kids that is into dinosaur fossils and building.  I know Miller would love this and taking the time and piece together the fossil like a real paleontologist would. 

Miller got this for his 6th birthday and it's been such a hit! You can change it to 7 different colors or set it so it changes colors every few seconds.  Since the boys unofficially share a room every night they take turns picking the color of the nightlight. 

A fun little twist on the classic Uno game! This is one that will entertain all ages and great for family game nights. It's similar to regular Uno but has some fun twists that involve a dinosaur spitting out cards at you ;)   

We also own these adorable joggers already and they're not only cute they're also comfy.  My boys always ask to wear them and they usually pair them with the dinosaur sweatshirt I posted above.  You could give both of these items as an outfit for the dinosaur lover in your life. 

You can never have too many winter hats when you live in a cold climate and this one is perfect for your dinosaur loving kid.  

These are so much fun and will keep your kids entertained for awhile.  My boys love chipping away at the egg until the mini dinosaur prize is reveled.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Do you have any dinosaur lovers on your list? 

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  1. This is probably my favorite gift guide ever! So many fun dino gifts!!! Your boys know what's up ;)

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