Thoughts for Thursday: My Beach Essentials

Hello from Rosemary Beach! If you've been reading here long enough you know we are total beach people. One thing I've learned over the years lugging kids back and forth to the beach is you have to narrow down your essentials and pack efficiently.  My kids still need a lot of things on the beach but I try my best to get it all into one bag making the trip as painless as possible.  

1. Countersun Sunscreen stick- this is my favorite face stick for my kids and myself! It glides on so well and doesn't leave behind a super thick white residue.  Plus it's held up well to my kids who can't stay out of the water all day.  

2. DIFF Aviator Sunglasses- I just got these new sunglasses and I love them! I only wear aviator sunglasses under my hats because they seem to fit better than all my other sunglasses. I feel like I get a new pair every year but these DIFF ones might be my new go-to.  

3. Cappelli Oversized Straw Hat- this is the best sun hat I've ever owned! I actually bought this in black about 3 years ago and then got the white one the following year.  It really covers up your whole face and neck but the back is flat so you can easily sit in a beach chair in it! I highly recommend this hat to anyone who is looking for extra sun protection on their face.  

4. J.Crew Rickrack ruffle bikini- I just got this bikini and love the style.  The top is completely mom-friendly! You can run around with the kids and it stays up and doesn't budget.  The reviews say it runs big and to size down and I agree. I'm usually a medium in bikini tops but went with a small in this one.  

5. Countersun spray sunscreen- I've mentioned this before but this is the easiest sunscreen for me to apply to my kids. It is a mineral sunscreen so it's got the zinc oxide I'm looking for and it easily rubs in without leaving a heavy white residue.   One thing I love about the Beautycounter sunscreen versus  others I've tried is how light it is and how easily it rubs in. I've found so many of the mineral sprays to be hard to rub in which is not the case here.  

6. J.Crew Striped One Piece- another essential for me is a classic one piece I can run around with my kids in.  I picked this one up in April before our spring break trip and I've loved it ever since.  The white has held up to the beach and pool so far this summer.  The suit does run a bit small so if you have a long torso like me I suggest sizing up.  

7. Vineyard Vines Baseball Hat- if I don't have my big straw hat on then I usually have a baseball hat on at the beach.  I've found it's easier to be in the water with a baseball hat on so I always keep one in my bag.  The Vineyard Vines ones are my favorites and I have them in quite a few colors that I rotate out.  

8. J.Crew Crinkle Cotton Cover Up- I feel like a cover up is another obvious one but I love long sleeves ones even when it's hot out in case I'm in the need of more sun protection.  I love how light weight this one is that it's easy to wear when it's hot.   

9. Havaianas Flip Flops- I've mentioned these probably 100 times on this blog but these are the only flip flops I will wear on the beach. They're easy and lightweight and not a bad price point.  

10. Scout The Stiff One Cooler- this is my favorite cooler for packing waters, lunch and adult beverages for the beach.  This one is lightweight but can hold a ton of stuff and is easy to carry when you're also lugging a full size beach bag.  

11. Scout Three Girls Bag- this is my favorite beach bag.  I've had this one for two years now and it holds so much stuff.  I used to carry two beach bags- one for toys and one for essentials and I discovered that was unrealistic with kids so I bought this one and can now carry everything in one.  

12. Target Picnic Blanket- if you don't have one of these yet you need to get one!! These are amazing.  I use ours at the beach, at sports practice and the park.  It's folds out to a full size blanket but easily folds back up and has it's own carrying handle! Plus you can wash it in the washing machine so you don't have to worry if it gets dirty.  

13. Lands End Rashguard- I always have a rashguard for myself in my bag and I love these from Land's End.  They're a little looser than some of the standard rash guards which I like for comfort reasons.  

14. Hydroflask Water Bottle- these are the best water bottles. They will keep your water ice cold even if it's sitting in direct sunlight for a few hours.  Plus I love that it's stainless steel instead of plastic.  

15. Scout Packin Heat Bag- I have a quite a few of these little Scout bags that use to keep things organized in my beach bag.  I have one for sunscreen,  one for stuff like bandaids, wipes, tissues and then one I use to keep my phone and kindle dry and out of the sand.  

What are some of your beach essentials?  Is there anything you can't go to the beach without?  

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