Blog Post Ideas: What Do You Want to See on East Coast Chic?

TGIF Friends!  How was everyone's week? Kyle's been in Seattle all week and it's been the first full week of school since Christmas break so I feel like we were really slammed into reality this week.

Last week I polled my followers on instastories to see what you all wanted to see on the blog in 2018.  As I mentioned last week I'm really trying to bring this blog back to full steam so I've rounded up the main ideas people sent me below:

  • Grocery Budget for a family of four
  • SAHM financials- how we live on one paycheck? How did we deal going from 1-2 incomes? 
  • Day in the Life 
  • Home Tour
  • Full Kitchen Renovation Posts- this was probably my most popular and I promise to get to it this month!  I will have to break it down into a few posts though to really give all the details.  
  • Food my kids eat-  I'm not sure why you all want to see this, but I will share. They're both picky and a pain my rear when it comes to food but maybe you all can relate!! 
  • Outfit of the day post-  you all said you like my selfies and my "real mom" outfits best 
  • New purchase reviews- quite a few of you said you really like when I review products I've tried on instastories or my blog.  I actually enjoy this one a lot because I'm a review junkie and must read/see every review before I buy something so I always like to share my finds with you all.  
  • Treadmill use and exercise schedule- how I do it with two kids?  and do I actually get it done? 
I would love to hear if there is anything else you all want to see on the blog this year or if there is anything you all hate (I can handle the criticism!). 

Feel free to comment below or send me an email eastcoastnat@gmail.com if you would prefer that.  
Thanks again to everyone who stops by my little piece of the world wide web every week! You all are truly the best! 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Do I remember correctly at one point you said that you wear size 10 shoes, right? So do I! So I am interested in shoe reviews from you on sizing (sometimes in some brands I need to size up or down) and just styles that look good on larger feet like mine. Eg, I can't do pointy-toes because whew, they add an inch and my feet look even longer than they are. Weird request, but thank you! I really enjoy your blog!

  2. These are all great post ideas! The first 4 are definitely ones that I am interested in the most! I'd love to see a grocery haul? I feel like we spend a million dollars on groceries these days and I have an 18 month old and a picky toddler so I'm sure it will only get worse when they grow! Also can't wait to see your kitchen renovation post!

  3. SO interested in SAHM Financials/Transition. While we don't have any children, this is our eventual goal and I don't see how it's possible right now! Your insight would be priceless!

  4. Any mom hacks, organizing ideas, things you do with your kids :)

  5. day in the life, home tours, anything mama related... basically all the above!! Xo

  6. I am new so I can't really comment - but I will just enjoy reading style tips from the U.S from a busy Mum like me! Europafox x


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