Thoughts for Thursday: The First Day of School

Hi Friends! Happy September! Yesterday was the first day of school for both my boys and it was huge success!

Miller was very excited to go this year. This is his third year at this preschool he's really familiar with everything and most of his friends have followed him through the years. He was so excited to be in Pre-K and one of the big kids at school.  I can't even think about him going to kindergarten next year (cue all the tears).

Matthew was a little bit more apprehensive since this was his first year and the past week he's been saying "you go to school with me mommy, you stay with me mommy." Totally broke my heart :( He's always had separation anxiety so I was so nervous to leave him but he did really well!  I was so proud of him. They said he didn't shed a tear and was happily playing with the other kids.  Only half the class went with him yesterday so I'll be interested to see how he does when it's all 12 kids together on Friday.

I only had an hour free yesterday but on tomorrow I get a whole 2.5 hours to myself! I don't even know what to do in that time ;)

I'm hoping everyone else's kids have had a great first week or few weeks back at school and to all my friends in the path of Irma- I'm praying she changes directions or slows her role before she gets to the US.  

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