Thoughts for Thursday: Day in the Life

Happy Thursday Friends! Sorry I have been the worst blogger lately, but I'm slowly hoping to get back into a good routine.    I decided yesterday to do a day in the life post!  I haven't done one of these in so long and I love reading other peoples.

Date: Wednesday April 26, 2017
Natalie- 35- stay at home mom, Kyle-35- works in finance, Miller-3 years 9 months, and Matthew- 2 years 5 months

6:45am-  My alarm goes off after I had hit snooze twice.  BOTH kids are in bed with me.  Kyle is out of town and they had a new babysitter last night so both of them woke up at different times crying to get in bed with me in the middle of the night.   I'm exhausted because Matthew is the worst to share a bed with. Love the kid but he's impossible to sleep with.   The kids are both still asleep so I stay in bed until Miller wakes up at 7am.

7:10am-  Miller is awake so I turn on a Netflix for him, he's into a new on called Beat Bugs, seems cute and about music so I hop in the shower real fast while Matthew is still asleep.  I beg Miller to be quiet and not wake him up before I'm out.

7:30am- Matthew is still asleep so I head downstairs to make my coffee and breakfast for the kids.  It's going to be another cool rainy day, which is so depressing. Our weather has been so gross lately.

Ignore that lovely piece of broken wood, it's rotted out and Miller thought it would be fun to kick it off ;)

Chairs- Serena & Lily 

8:00am- I drag the kids downstairs to eat their breakfast.  We are running a little behind this morning and I'm trying my best to keep my cool and get them to breakfast without a threat or yelling ;) Miller has school today and I feel like our school mornings either go really well or really bad.  Trying to keep today a good day.

Raspberry chobani and a whole grain waffle with butter for Matthew.  Miller gets one scrambled egg and a whole grain waffle with almond butter.

While the kids eat breakfast this is when I run around getting myself dressed, getting their clothes for the day, finishing up my make up and blow drying my hair.

8:40am-  It's sports day at school so I let Miller pick out a sports team shirt to wear.  Matthew wants to participate too so he picks the other red shirt Miller rejects.  I somehow get them both to sort of smile for me before school- a win!

8:45am-  We are in the car and off to school.

9:15am- Matthew and I drop Miller off at school and then we head to Dunkin Donuts so I can get a coffee before Matthew has playgroup.   Matthew of course gets a donut, the perks of being the second child :)

11:30am-  Matthew and I leave playgroup so we can pick Miller up from school.  Matthew's playgroup is every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30am, it's good social/activity time for both of us.

12:30pm-  We are home from school so I make the kids lunches while they watch a show and have some Cheerios.

I checked the mail on the way in from school and some new swim trucks arrived for the boys. How adorable are these seersucker whale prints! Our trip to Florida can't get here soon enough!

1:30pm- I take the kids upstairs for nap time/rest time.  Miller doesn't really nap anymore but since both of them slept in my bed and are pretty cranky I'm hoping I will get a nap out of both of them today. Especially since we have an event at Miller's school tonight.

2:30pm- Both kids are finally asleep!  They have both reached an age where getting them to sleep for nap or bedtime can be a struggle but I know they both need this nap so I pushed through.   I decided I'm going to try to catch up on The Arrangement (anyone else watching??) and do some blogging.

Around 4pm I decide I need another cup of coffee. I'm not usually an afternoon coffee drinker but after no sleep last night and knowing I have to be "on" this evening I make another one.

4:30pm- The kids are up from their naps and I start making dinner for them.  It's taco night which means Matthew has a taco, Miller eats avocado toast (because he won't eat tacos), and I have a taco salad.  We always do ground turkey or chicken mixed with avocado. It's how I sneak a fruit/veggie to Matthew.

5:15pm- We eat dinner together.  I forgot to take pictures of the kids meals but here is mine lol.

6:00pm- We hop in the car so we can head to Art Night at Miller's school.  This is a yearly fundraiser where the kids show off their art and we can bid on themed baskets to raise money for the school.  Last year we got the one for dog lovers but this year we didn't win anything.  It's such a fun event and the kids have a blast showing off their art work.

7pm- We leave Art Night and have some frozen yogurt with friends.  We leave around 7:30pm since Kyle calls saying he's home from his business trip but locked out of the house.

This is about the point in the night where I stop taking pictures.

8:00pm-  Get the kids upstairs to take a shower and get to bed. They're currently obsessed with taking a shower in our stand up shower. I'm kind of loving it because it just makes the whole event easier and faster.  After showers we get dressed and read stories in Matthew's room.  Since Kyle is home he'll put Miller to bed and I'll put Matt to bed.

8:30pm-  Lights out.  We usually aim for a 7:30-8pm bedtime but this was an exception since we had Art Night at school and the kids took long naps.

After lights out I head downstairs to clean up the kitchen.  Kyle turns on Southern Charm but I'm so exhausted I head up to bed to read at 9pm.  It's very rare I'm in bed this early but I just know I need to sleep.
I fall asleep while reading, Kyle comes up to bed at 10pm. I saw goodnight and fall back asleep.

Looking back on it yesterday was a pretty easy day with the kids!  I'm going to try to do these more often, if I can remember,  because I love looking back for my own sake too.

You can find more day in the life posts I've written here:  February 2014, January 2015,  April 2016,

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Friday Favorites: Shopbop Sale

Happy Good Friday Friends!  I hope everyone has had a great week and is looking forward to a fun Easter weekend with their family and friends.
Even though we just moved back into our house we will be hosting Easter dinner this year!  I'm not putting a ton of pressure on myself to have the table set to perfection and we're ordering some of the food ahead of time so that we can just enjoy the holiday with family, but I am excited to host.  I absolutely love hosting parties and events at my house so I'm excited to be home so that we can do that.

I know every blogger is all over this sale but I can't help myself! I always get pulled into these damn things.

I'm a sucker for sundresses this time of year and with our trip to Rosemary Beach on the horizon I had to snag a few new things for myself.  I pick up the first two dresses in the top row below.  I've had my eye on that Roberta Roller Rabbit one for awhile and that Free People one that everyone loves. I've heard the FP one is short so we'll have to see how it goes once it arrives. The far bottom right corner is my favorite Joie Tabara dress which is on sale and 20% off so if you've been eyeing it, snag it now! That Rachel Pally red and white striped has my name all over it and I think that off the shoulder blue and white one would be perfect for a summer date night.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 
6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

Next we move onto accessories which is another one I'm a huge sucker for on Shopbop!  I bought those Tory Burch square sunglasses in black, they're the same as the ones I have in light pink that I love but are now sold out :(   I have those wedges and that gingham clutch in my cart but I really shouldn't be spending the money on them but they're soooo cute and on sale so it's hard to resist ;) I also love that striped Sam Edelman clutch too, of course I'm all over the blue and white as usual.

Did you shop the Shopbop Sale??  It's the last day so if you're on the fence now would be the time to buy! 

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Thoughts for Thursday: I'm Back!

Hi Friends!  I am finally back!  It's been almost a month since I've been without a computer, which is probably the longest I've gone since I got my first computer in college, which was a long time ago.  I feel like I have so many things to update you on but I'm going to try to split it up into a few posts.

First things first if you follow me on Instagram (@eastcoastnat) then you know our renovations were finished last Friday!!  We officially moved back into our house on Saturday and spent our first night at home.  It was so nice to be home and have (most of) the renovation completed.   I added a few photos below but I promise to be back with a full detailed kitchen post with all our sources and how we went about the whole process.

Here is my new kitchen and dining room!!

Family room with shiplap over the fireplace and to the left is the sunroom that we opened up and made part of our the house.  The light is a little crooked so our electrician will be back to look at it next week, hoping it's an easy fix.

Old laundry room turned mudroom! Our contractor needs to come back and add the hooks and a few finishing touches but I am over the moon about having a room to dump all our stuff in.

This is our open pantry which is a still a huge work in progress as I figure out how to store food and keep it looking pretty at the same time.

We painted the interior and exterior of our front door black and I'm loving the extra detail it gives to our neutral space.

The kids are on spring break this week and we have had the best weather!! I just hope it stays like this for the rest of April and May because it's keeping us all in a good mood.

I also got a new Mac Computer! I've been a PC girl ever since college so this is a big change for me.  I'm still learning all the little ins and outs so bear with me as I get acquainted with it.  If you have any tips or tricks to getting to know a Mac let me know!

I'm so happy to be back and hope to have my posting back on schedule along with catching up on everyone's blogs and lives.

Happy Thursday Friends! 

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