Weekend Recap

Did you all enjoy the three day weekend? I totally forgot Miller didn't have school on Monday until about 7pm Sunday night.  It was nice to have a slow Monday morning and Kyle got to be home with us for a bit before he left for a trip.  

Our weekend was really low key.  We had originally planned to go to PA to visit Kyle's family but we had too many things we needed to close out for the house renovation and just needed to get them done.

Our weather was so so nice! I really can't complain about a warm weekend in February. It got up to 72 Sunday and in the low 60s yesterday which was incredible.  We spent so much time outside just soaking it all up.  It's making me so excited for spring and summer!

Saturday after the boys soccer practice we went to a friend's beach and let the boys run around and play. It was in the high 50s but the boys had a blast.  PS- if you have a Soccer Shots in your area it's such a fun activity for the boys.  It's sort of an introduction to soccer skills but a great way to burn energy on a weekend morning. Bonus is they take kids as young as 2!

 This kid is way too grown up these days! I can't stand it!

Then we went on the hunt for a carpet runner for our stairs. So hard to narrow it down and decide what we like.  While we loved the sisal, the salesman we were working with said they're not the best for high traffic areas so we looked at some wool sisal and wool blends that were stronger.  I have some samples coming it to try this week so we can make a decision.

I've been living in this Free People poncho, these jeans and my favorite Target slip ons this winter.

Sunday we met my parents at the house so they could see the progress.  I shared the updated pics here on Thoughts for Thursday.   Then Kyle did some yard work while I played in the back yard with the boys.  Just spending a few hours there has made me so antsy to move back.   

I mentioned on instastories a few times last week that my hair turned orange and brassy when I stayed with my parents because there water conditioner was broken and we didn't realize until after I had showered.  This Joico purple shampoo and Pravana The Perfect Blond hair masque have worked wonders! They've pulled out so much brassiness and lightened up my highlights.   You don't want to over use them and turn your hair white/gray but I think these will be good additions to help keep my blonde bright. 

Have a great Tuesday Friends! 


  1. I think I'd wear that same outfit on repeat too... so cute and so comfy looking! I actually just ordered those shoes from target but in white.

  2. Those jeans look amazing on you!

  3. You should check out Dash and Albert's indoor/outdoor carpets, they are amazing for high traffic areas and any stains will come right out! How fun is that soccer? I wish we had that near us!

  4. Good to know about the shampoo and conditioner, and I also love your go-to outfit! It sounds like a fun weekend. :)

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend full of tons of fun. :)


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