Friday Favorites: My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Purchases

TGIF Everyone!  Hope you all have had a good week!  I'm back today with most of my purchases from the Nordstrom  Anniversary Sale.  This was good sale and I can't believe how much stuff is back ordered and sold out! I'm hoping if you all shopped you got everything you wanted.

So here we go... enjoy my round up of selfies ;)

For some reason I never took a picture of myself wearing the Hudson Nico Distressed jeans but they're so cute!  They fit really well and the high waist sucks you all in.  The distressed knees add a little something extra without being too much.  You could definitely dress these up or down.  

I've been wanting a pair of peep toe booties forever and I'm so glad I snagged these! They will be so fun to transition from summer to fall.  I already have so many outfits I'm scheming together for these plus they're really comfortable.  I don't wear heels and wedges much anymore but didn't have any problem or feel too tall walking around in these.

I had my eye on these Caslon slub knit tees too and I'm so glad I got them when I did as so many sizes are sold out.  I got a small and a medium to try and I think the small is a better fit for me.  My sister went with the medium but she wants them to have a looser fit. This is the small pictured below. 

This is the medium.  I just think it looks a little too big on me. 

My next purchase was this Lush v-neck crepe blouse.  Everyone raves about it but to be honest I wasn't sure if I was going to love it.  I was wrong.  I am obsessed and planning to pick it up in the black and possibly the red.  It's just such an easy basic piece to dress up or down and for $27 it's worth it.  

Excuse the totally awkward picture here, I have no idea what I'm doing with my one arm but I wanted to show you all this Sole Society Ranvin tote.  I'm a big bag girl, the bigger the better and this one is awesome.  It's faux leather but doesn't look cheap at all and it can fit all mine and the kids junk in it.  Plus since it didn't break the bank I don't have to stress about the kids ruining it with food ;)

The color of the bag really changes with the light I would say it's a light gray in some lights and almost an off white in others.  

I am still waiting on two back ordered purchases.  The Trina Turk one piece should arrive next week but the Vince Camuto Peera booties won't be here until September (insert sad emoji face here).  I also stocked up on my favorite Hanky Panky underwear too,

So there you have it!  If I buy anything else that I love I will keep you all updated.  I would love to hear if you shopped the sale.  
What did you buy?  Did you think the deals were good this year?  

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Thoughts for Thursday: Current Obsessions

Welcome back to another Thoughts for Thursday friends! Remember you can write about whatever you want and link up below.  I was hoping to share my #nsale purchases with you all today but they seem to be arriving one item at a time!  I should have them all today so fingers crossed.

Instead of course I'll just show you all what I've been obsessing over this week.  I'm not going to lie all the fall items I keep seeing has me a little excited for cooler weather but in reality it's still in the 90s here so I will just keep drooling over and buying summer clothes ;)

How fun is this dress?  I love love love these colors.  This would be a great wedding or date night dress 

More off the shoulder and this week I'm having a red moment, I just love the color of this top. 

You can never have too many stripes right? I'm loving this basic striped dress from BB Dakota.  A great transition from summer to fall 

I love the little eyelet ruffle at the bottom of these top- such a fun detail.  I also love that it comes in pink and black.   

I've been eyeing these but haven't purchased them yet, they're marked down to $129 from $198 so they're a good deal but I can't decide if I really need them ;) 

More stripes yes.  I think this top would be adorable with jeans and booties as we transition into fall.  Am I right?  

How gorgeous is this dress?  I really wish I had a fun event coming up that I could wear it to because it's beautiful.  I feel like you could pull this color off in all seasons too.  

I have lost my beloved Miller sandals :(.  I know it's such a first world problem but I'm so sad about it. These really are such comfy versatile sandals.  I'm considering getting another pair but I'm not sure I want to spend the $$ 

Oh you know just another white tee for me to obsess over this summer.  Love the detailing around the top and shoulders.  

I told you all I was having a red moment.  This bag is gorgeous, I love her products and this one would be so pretty for now and fall weather.  

Loving this lace front tee and I love this pale pink/mauve color.  Again another good transition for fall. I also love it in the white too because again you can never have too much white :) 

I'm not going to lie the block heel on these sort of reminds of some chunky Steve Madden boots and sandals I had back in the last 90s but I don't know I just love these.  I feel like they're a great basic sandals to have that could be easily dressed up or down.  What do you all think? 

What are you all obsessing over this week?  

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Weekend Recap and Book Review

Hi Friends! I'm a little behind this week.  Miller has been in camp this week and I'm not going to lie, we've been so lazy this summer that getting up and out the door by 8:30am has been a little chaotic.  I know those of you that work have to be rolling your eyes at me, but phew trying toddlers back on a schedule is tough.

We had a great weekend though.  Friday I met my sister at my parents house so that we could take the boys swimming.
 My dad is a saint and keeps a big bucket of rocks so that my boys can throw them in the pool.  He then will dive for them or scoop them out with this special net for endless hours of entertainment.

 Wearing this Lilly Pulitzer Essie dress on repeat this summer.  I think I need to get it in another print before I wear this one out.

 Saturday night we met up with friends for a crab feast at their beach.  The crabs were delicious and the views were amazing.  It was 97 but felt like 101, so freaking hot. I had such a hard time trying to figure out what to wear, that I would look cute sweating in :) The Madwell one shoulder dress was perfect, it was loose and flowy enough to not stick to me.   A huge thunder storm came through right in the middle of the party but thankfully there was a covered pavilion we could hide out under until it passed and it cooled the air down a little bit which was nice.  I love living so close to the water in the summer.

 On Sunday we took the boys to the Jurassic Quest dinosaur event at the Baltimore Convention Center.  The boys were in heaven, especially Miller.  He is such a dinosaur lover that he was in awe the whole time.  If you have a dinosaur lover I highly suggest this event!

Last but not least today I'm here to tell you all how I felt about Whisper Beach.   If you missed it I mentioned last Monday that I wanted to finally tackle my summer reading list and gave myself a reading challenge, you can see more here.

Synopsis from AmazonFifteen years ago, seventeen-year-old Vanessa Moran fell in love and lost her virginity but not to the same boy. Pregnant, desperate, and humiliated, she fled friends and family and Whisper Beach, New Jersey, never breathing a word about her secret to anyone. She hasn’t been back since. Now a professional Manhattan organizer, she returns to the funeral of her best friend’s husband. She intends on just paying her respects and leaving—though she can’t deny she also wants the town to see how far she’s come as a successful business woman. But her plans to make this a short visit fall by the wayside when her girlfriends have other ideas. 

Dorie, the owner of the pier’s Blue Crab Restaurant where Van and her friends worked as teenagers, needs help. Dorie’s roving husband spends every penny they make and now their restaurant is failing. 

Joe, the boy Van left behind without an explanation, has never stopped loving her. While he’s wary of getting hurt again, he also can’t help wondering what would happen if they took up where they left off. 

As the summer progresses and the restaurant takes on a new look, trouble comes from unexpected sources. For Van, this summer will test the meaning of friendship and trust—and how far love can bend before it breaks

I would give this book three stars.  I was excited for this book as it seemed like a fun easy beach read.  The plot and characters sounded interesting and I really wanted to see how the story unfolded.  When I first started it, I was reminded a lot of the movie Sweet Home Alabama, and the more I read it it kept seeming like it was going to be a total rip off of that.  It wasn't but it had a very similar plot line.   The story itself was very slow and very hard to get into.  I can remember looking down on my Kindle thinking I'm 50% of the way into this thing and I still can't see where this is headed but it was getting better so I kept on reading.  I kept feeling like the good part was around the corner and then it just abruptly ended, I don't want to give too much away but the ending felt someone sudden and unfinished.  I'm not opposed to authors doing this type of ending and I don't need everything to be wrapped up into a perfect happy ending but this ending just felt off, almost as if it's open ended for a sequel because very few of the initial questions of the book were answered.    
The characters were hard to like too, I'm not sure if it was just the personalities they were given or a lack of character development but I didn't find one that I really loved or was rooting for.  

If you've read this book I would love to hear what you think and if you liked it!  

Hope you all have a great week! 


Saturday Shopping: Cover Me Up

Happy Saturday friends!  These days I find that I like shopping for cover ups just as much as I do bathing suits, I mean some days at the pool I end up in my cover up the whole time, and they help with the whole I've had two kids might need to hide some stuff phase.   There is not shortage of cute cover ups these days either, have they always been this good?  I swear some cover ups could double as dresses.

I've rounded up some of my favorite cover ups, beach bags, and sunglasses below.
Beach Accessories


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is LIVE!! #NSALE

Friends, today is the big day if you didn't have early access. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public! I have to honestly say it's been hard to wrap my head around fall clothes when it's in the 90s but some of these deals are just too good to pass up.

The sale lasts from today until August 8 when the prices go back up. Nordstrom will usually restock the sale if things sell out or restock them when prices go up.  A little trick, if they don't have your size buy it in another size and exchange it when they re-stock after the sale ;)    I rounded up some of my favorite summer to fall transition pieces that can be warm as the temperatures start to cool down.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Part 2

As I said with my earlier post, which you can find here, I really think the shoes and accessories were awesome this year.  It took me forever to narrow down the booties I wanted because they are all so cute!  

I rounded up the good stuff in each category below, happy shopping!




Jewelry & Watches: 

Baby Gear: 

You shop my post with my favorites here.  If you see something you want I would snag it before it sells out so you can get it at the sale price!  Remember Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns plus the option to buy online and pick up in store if they have the item at your local Nordstrom.  Happy Shopping Friends! 

Did you shop the #nsale?  What did you pick up?  

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Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

Happy Thursday Friends! Remember you can write about whatever you want, just grab the button and link up below.

Remember this dress?  It's back in stock at two stores!!  You can find it here and here.  I still love this dress and get tons of compliments when I wear it.  

- Matthew is finally over Hand foot and mouth.  This was our first time having it (Miller hasn't had it yet) and it was awful. The rash on his hands and feet were very mild but he had the sores in his throat and was so pitiful. He would cry every time he ate and drank.  He also was up all night every night last week and barely napped.  We are finally back on our sleep schedule and doing much better.  I'm so glad to have my happy baby back.

- I took the kids to our local park to see the baby animals last week. It was so hot but they love to see the animals so much. We finally learned how to use our selfie stick I've owned for like 6 months.

- Looking for an activity to keep your toddler busy?  Remember those capsules you put in water and they turn into something?  I found some in dollar spot at Target and Miller is obsessed with them.  We've gotten the bugs and dinosaur ones and he can't get enough of them. 

- I started Whisper Beach and so far it's good! I will have the full review Monday, hoping I finish it this weekend and don't just fall asleep ;) 

- This top I posted yesterday is sold out but the dress version is back in stock!! I wish I had gotten the dress too but I don't think I can have the top and dress, so you all need to buy it! 

Top sold out but dress here// Shorts// Bag// Sandals// Watch 

- Kyle and I are trying to plan a weekend for us to get away just the two of us! We've been away three times just the two of us but they have all been for weddings so we've always had a schedule/stuff to do etc.  We have yet to take just a vacation just the two of us.  We're thinking late September or early October.   Our top contenders are:


We are also considering sneaking away to Bahamas or Cancun again to just sit on the beach and really do nothing!    We've both been to Charleston, neither of us have been to Savannah. I've been to Bahamas and of course we've both been to Cancun so we can't really decide!  Any advice?  

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