Miller and Matthew's Christmas List

Happy Saturday Everyone! Today I am sharing Miller and Matthew's Christmas lists.  One of the best parts about having two boys close in age is that most of these can be used at joint gifts that they can share.  We are also realistic and know that certain things must be bought for each of them so that their is not fighting or extreme jealousy.

It was so fun shopping for them this year and it's been so fun to see how similar and yet how different their personalities are.   Since we have plenty of trucks, trains, and dinosaurs I always try to focus on open ended toys for Christmas so they can let their imaginations run wild.

1. Mini Micro Kick Scooter-  This is the gift I'm most excited about so I hope the boys love it! They both started showing interests in scooters after we went to the beach with my niece and nephew this summer. We had an old Radio Flyer from a neighbor but it just didn't work that well for them.  After some research from friends and Amazon I decided on these.  They have great reviews and even though they're pricing everyone says they are well worth the money and easy for little hand and feet to use.   I didn't include these above but we got each of them this Joovy helmet which had great reviews since they both needed a new one.  

2. Jurassic World Stomping T-Rex- this is Miller's #1 gift request this year. He's a huge dinosaur fan and obsessed with Jurassic World dinosaurs (we have not let him watch the movie) but he's seen the dinosaurs in Youtube videos and commercials, and of course in Target.  

3. Melissa & Doug Joey Magnetic Dress Up- this is one I think both the boys will like.  Miller is very into people and pretend play night now so I think he will dressing him up as different characters.  
4. ThinkGizmos Friction Powered Toy Dump Truck- Matthew is obsessed with dump trucks, well any truck really and I thought this one looked like one he would love.  Since you can fill it up and then have it really dump the rocks out I know it will be a big hit.  

5. Play-Doh - We can never have too much play doh around here.  I love play doh for all the different ways you can play with it and love to see Miller's imagination run wild.  Matthew has just gotten into it and loves to drive his trucks through it and make rocks and construction sites with it.  

6. Kinetic Sand- My kids haven't tried this yet but I know they will love it.  They have been missing their sandbox since we've been at the townhouse so I'm hoping this will be a good substitute and hopefully not as messy of course.  

7. Duplos- Again we love legos over here and I feel like you can never have too many.  Both the boys are very into them right now and I think we need one more of these to really create all the different dinosaur parks and construction sites they want.  

8. Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Floor Puzzle- We love these floor puzzles! We have a fire truck one but I know Miller will love this dinosaur one and these came suggested to me as a good quiet time activity.  

9. Magna Tiles- Again these are new to us but everyone swears my boys will love them once they try them.  I think these are another genius idea! 

10. Melissa & Doug Traffic Jam Floor Puzzle-  Since I know Matthew will love Miller's we are getting him this one so that there will be no fighting over who gets to do the puzzle and they each can have their own.  

Have you finished shopping for your kids?  Are there any good toddler boy gifts I'm missing?  



  1. I love their wish list! I swear kids are so much harder to shop for as they get older because they want everything, but don't actually love it.

  2. That kinetic sand is great! I bought two packs of it and keep it in a shallow tupperware with some small sand toys - Sadie loves it!

  3. I don't have children myself but have a few kids on my shopping list and I still have gifts to buy. I am running late this year.


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