Back to School Toddler Favorites

Today Miller starts 3 year old preschool! I'm honestly so excited for school to start and us to be back in our routine.  I'm lucky that so far Miller has loved school and is so excited for new friends, teachers, and toys that he doesn't even realize I'm gone.

This being my second year of preschool with Miller I've learned some of the must haves for us during the school year.  Every school is different and requires different things but these were my favorites last year that I'm using again this year.

1. Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Backpack- When Miller was an infant we were gifted a PBK pre-k sized backpack with sharks on it and he loved it last year.  This year he asked if he could have a dinosaur backpack instead and of course I totally caved :).  I always loved getting a new backpack every school year!  It's currently back ordered and not expected to arrive until October so it may end up being a Christmas gift.  I went with the next size up so that he can use for the next few years of school.  

2. Patagonia Down Sweater - If you've been reading this blog awhile you know I love these jackets! While we aren't quite in jacket weather yet I know it's inevitable so I always try to get the down sweater during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale or the Patagonia big summer sale.  These jackets are lightweight but keep the kids so warm when it's freezing out.  Matthew is getting Miller's old blue one and Miller is getting the red one this year, which school look great with the dino backpack ;)

3. Old Navy Uniform Polos- I've raved about these polos before but they truly are my favorite! Miller's preschool gives us explicit instructions to send them in play clothes that they can get paint, dirt, food, etc on and that is why I love these polos!  With all the sales ON has I'm usually able to get them for $5 so if Miller ruins them I'm not stressed about.  I will say though that after two years of wearing these through two kids only one has ever gotten ruined most of the times I can get the stains right out and they've held up nicely.

4. Hanes Ankle Socks-  Miller is also requited to wear tennis shoes or some type of casual closed toe shoe to school.  These socks (which are from Target) are our favorites. Miller is very particular about his socks and shoes so I have trouble finding socks he likes but so far these have been a hit.  They are thin enough that they don't bunch but have thick enough elastic that they stay in place for him.  

5. Carter's Twill Pants-  As I mentioned above about sending him in play clothes these Carter's pants and their shorts are go-to's for me.  Miller is still so skinny and I've found that Carter's is one of the only brands I can find where I can adjust that waist all the way down and they don't look too puffy around the waistline.  I also usually snag these on sale so I don't mind if they come home covered in dirt and paint.

6. New Balance 574 for toddlers-  We are huge New Balance fans around here.  Miller was so sad when he out grew his old pair of New Balances (I might have been sadder because the colors were so cute) but he was so excited when we went to pick out new shoes and he found these. They are sturdy and completely hold up to the abuse a 2-3 year old boy puts on them!

7. Target Tennis Shoes-  In Miller's backpack we are required to send our kids with a full outfit change of clothes including shoes in case of a potty accident or major spill/mess.  Since I usually just let this outfit live in the backpack all year I always pick up an inexpensive pair of tennis shoes are Target that can just stay in the backpack if or when it is needed.  

So that sums up my favorites for heading back to school!  Miller does not need to bring lunch to school since he leaves at noon and his preschool provides his morning snack and milk which is such a time saver for me!  

I would love to hear so of your favorite must-haves for toddlers in preschool!  



  1. I love that backpack. Our school provides a school bag and we aren't allowed to use our own backpack. So instead, we got him the lunch box in that dinosaur print for when he starts staying for lunch a few days. Happy first day... It's our first day today too :)

  2. Yes to all of these!! Hope Miller has a great year & mommy gets a little break!!

  3. Love these! I think I am going to have to invest in a good jacket for Camden this year. And I love those little new balance shoes! Did you see that Carter's is selling NB shoes for boys now?

  4. Our boys are so similar! I have the same socks and sneakers for Greyson and they are our favorites! The Old Navy polos are the best because if they are ruined, toss them! I let him pick his graphic tee's from there too because you can get such great deals on them!


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