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Happy hump day friends!  How is everyone? We have been having a good week so far.  No kitchen updates yet, as we meet with our contractor and kitchen designer on Thursday night.  Really hoping we can finally nail down a design this week and get things rolling!

Friday I was lucky enough to have my dad come watch the boys so I could sneak out to the mall. I wore my new J.Crew perfect fit tank top and I have to say they really are that good.

I tried on two adorable dresses! I couldn't justify buying both but I had to share them with you.  I went to the mall with the intention of buying a new bathing suit but just still can't find any that I love, bathing suit shopping post two babies is slightly depressing.

This is the perfect easy to throw on summer dress! 

If I didn't already own three blue and white dresses I would have gotten this one too, but I just couldn't justify it. 

Friday night I took the kids to the pool and Kyle met us there later.  I wish I had pictures but it's pretty much impossible for me to take pictures and watch them well at the same time.  

Saturday Kyle golfed with his college friends for an early Father's day and I watched my 7 month old nephew for a few hours. We had a lot of fun and it was a great test for three kids.  I managed to keep them all fed, (mostly) happy, and I got them all down for naps at the same time so I would call it a win.

Saturday night we headed out to celebrate my friend's birthday with dinner and drinks.  I wore my new off the shoulder dress which I'm obsessed with and the good news is this one actually stays down on your shoulders!! It didn't ride up all night which was nice and I got a ton of compliments on it.  

It looks like it's currently back ordered until July 10th but I think it's worth the wait.  

Some of my favorite girls :) 

Sunday I woke up with what I initially thought might be a hangover but then I quickly realized there is no way I drank enough to feel as awful as I did and it turned out I had a stomach bug, my brother in law who was staying with us at the time also woke up with it that morning so it was a fun day in my house.  We have my sister to thank for that who had it last week ;)
Despite feeling awful I pulled myself together so we could go to my parents house for a Father's day BBQ.  I ended up spending most of the day sleeping upstairs while Kyle and the boys played in the pool and hang out with my family.   I definitely owe Kyle a Father's day re-do. Thankfully it was over as quickly as it came on and I felt fine by Sunday night.

Someone in our house has learned how to unlock doors and this mama is not liking that very much! After finding these two outside after I had run to the bathroom and left them in the family room we have had quite a few discussions about how only grown ups can open doors in the house.

Thankfully he's still super cute despite being a challenging almost 3 year old.

Monday was National wear your Lilly day so I had to participate since I was heading out to have drinks with some girlfriends at a great waterfront spot near me called The Point. The shellabrate print is one of my favorites this summer, actually I'm loving pretty much all the prints from this spring and summer.

We are headed to the beach this Saturday and I haven't packed a darn thing!! I'm also having a play date birthday breakfast for Miller on Friday.  So I have a lot to get accomplished between now and Saturday! 

Have a good one friends! 

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  1. Your off-the-shoulder dress is perfection!!! Have a great time at the beach!

  2. I love the colors in that Lilly Essie dress!
    And amen to the post-babies bathing suit shopping! I wish I could go back to the body I had when I thought bathing suit shopping was depressing. I have to order different suits in different sizes online - I get way too frustrated trying on in-store.

  3. Love every precious outfit you just shared :)

  4. I see why you loved both of those dresses--they're both so pretty!

  5. Oh no, I am so sorry you got sick! I can't believe they're sneaking outside, that makes me giggle but I know how hard that is for you! Also, you look amazing gorgeous girl!

  6. You have the cutest taste in fashion! I love all these outfits.

  7. Love your dress. I also love the stripe board shorts from Jcrew I have them and LOVE THEM

  8. I love that Essie dress, really all the dresses from this post! Jess at Just Jess

  9. Love that JCrew top! So cute <3

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  10. All of your outfits are on point! I'm sure I'll feel crummy after baby, but you look fabulous! Xo

  11. Okay so I love all of your outfits -- every last one of them! You dress so dang cute! I think my favorite is the ruffly off-the-shoulder dress :)

  12. I just got that Lilly Essie dress today and it's the best ever! All your looks are so cute but I'm loving the off the shoulder - looks perfect!

  13. Ahhh I love that blue Lilly dress & need it in my closet ASAP!!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  14. Oh my goodness that Dakota striped dress would have been so hard to leave...looks so good on you! But the ruffle off the shoulder looks adorable too. Aren't those DV lace up wedges perfect? I just got mine last week and I love them!

    Shelly||The Queen in Between


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