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Hi Friends!

Last week Miller's preschool had an art night and auction event.  The kids had art work on display and then there was auction items for the parents to bid on to raise money for the school.  It was possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen and Miller was so excited to show off his work.

His is the smaller green one, his favorite color :)

It was very informal and laid back so the kids could show off their art and then play with their friends.  

Since having kids my skin has been awful.  One day it's dry, one day it's oily, one day it's both. Then it breaks out, it's a never ending cycle.  I also feel like pregnancy just amplified my freckles and sunspots so I decided I wanted to do something about it.  I'm on my second week using Rodan + Fields Reverse.  

I don't sell the products so don't worry I'm not going to sell them to you and I didn't get them for free either but I plan to do a full review at the end of my 8 weeks to see if I really got any changes.   The before and after reviews are what sold me so I'm hoping it really works.

On Saturday night we went out with friends for dinner and drinks. Nothing crazy but sometimes it's nice to just get out without the kids and enjoy adult conversation.
 Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top (old, similar here)// 7FAM The Skinny (on major sale!!) // Steve Madden Wedges (old similar here, on major sale!)

May 1st is always the big May Day contest and festival in downtown Annapolis.  My mom's office is right on Main St so she always participates every year.  This year she did the basket herself and it turned out so well!
I love stopping by to see all the baskets the local companies and homeowners put together.  

As many of you with kids know this week is teacher appreciation week!  We decided as a class this year to do teacher appreciation gifts and since I'm the room mom it was my job to put them together.  Since my sister was a teacher and I have many teacher friends I always try to focus on practical usable gifts for the teachers.   Miller has three teachers this year and they are all incredible.  He's a completely different boy than when he started in September and I know it's been their love and guidance that has gotten him there.  I will be so sad to say good-bye to them at the end of this month so I wanted to make sure that we did something special to know they're appreciated.  

Miller goes two days a week so we wanted to have presents or treats for each day.  Today we sent in donuts, a fruit tray and a potted plant for each of them.  I opted for a begonia that they could plant in their gardens since I know not everyone is a huge fan of house plants or doesn't end up maintaining them like they should.

I found this adorable free printable that I put in each plant here.  Pinterest, Etsy and Google had tons of good free or cheaper printable options for Teacher Appreciation.

On Thursday there is a staff breakfast for the teachers before school so we are just sending in little gifts that day.   We decided to do a $10 gift card from Starbucks with the reusable hot coffee mug.   I just put a little tissue paper at the bottom of the mugs and put the gift cards in there.

I got the Thanks a Latte printable here and then I just cut them out with fun scissors and glued a little bow to each one.

Tomorrow we are headed to Rosemary Beach to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday and I am so excited!!  After this cold, wet, dreary weather we've been having I cannot wait for some sun and sand!



  1. I can't wait to hear what you think about R&F. I have some fb friends that always try to sell it to me, but haven't tried it out yet. Love your ideas for teacher appreciation week! I also did the "thanks a latte" idea for Camden's teachers, but didn't include the cute, reusable mug! Great idea!

  2. I love that Lily shirt on you! So cute!
    Your mom's basket turned out gorgeous
    Oh and those teacher gifts!!! How adorable
    Enjoy your sun :)

  3. Miller is quite the artist! I love what you did for his teachers:)

  4. Miller is quite the artist! I love what you did for his teachers:)

  5. Your mom's basket is gorgeous! All the years living near there, I never knew about that May Day tradition in Annapolis. Love your teacher appreciation gifts and as a former teacher, I'm sure the teachers loved them too. I've been in charge of all things teacher appreciation (all year) at our school. It's been a huge, but really fun job; especially this week! Enjoy the beach!

  6. Pregnancy gave me melasma! Or maybe it's my Mirena but either way I am having some hyperpigmentation going on. I HATE it!!

  7. I'm planning to try reverse in the next few weeks. I was waiting until I totally stopped nursing. I would love if it worked as well as the before and after pics I see! Can't wait to hear how you like it.

  8. Seriously those gifts are adorable!!!! Have a great trip to the beach! Can't wait to see pics

  9. I love that bright Elsa you wore! Annapolis is on our "to visit" list, for sure! I'm sure Miller's teachers are so grateful for your appreciation!

  10. So happy to hear you're trying Reverse!! I sell R+F & use Reverse & LOVE it! It has done wonders for my melasma spot on my cheek!! I love the teacher appreciation gift ideas!! I am terrible & haven't gotten anything yet but, the begonia is quick & simple enough I could pick some up today along with some cute pots! Hope y'all have so much fun at the beach!!!

  11. What cute gifts! Have fun on your trip!

  12. great post.i love that top.very beautiful gift.


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