Tuesday Instagram Round Up

Happy Tuesday Friends!    I just wanted to share a little instagram round up with you today.

My favorite Joie blouse is on sale!!   It's marked down for the Saks Friends and Family sale and then Nordstrom is price matching.  If you've been thinking about buying it I would snag it now before it sells out.  Great for spring and summer.

It's also available in black at Saks

I wore this dress and sweater from Old Navy on Saturday to my friend's son's baptism and it's my new favorite.  The best part is the dress is only $19!  

How good are these cookies my friend Caroline made?! She just started doing this as a hobby!

Friday night night I wore my favorite Elsa blouse, this print is from last summer but all the other prints they have right now are so cute.  I've had my eye on this one for our Rosemary Beach trip, I just love the flamingos.

If you're looking for a good Sauvignon Blanc now that the weather is warming up this one is my hands down favorite! 

Miller had his last winter swim class on Sunday! While he's still not a swimmer, I can't believe how well he is doing and how brave he is in the water now!   We are going to start them up again in June and I can't wait to see how he progresses this summer. 

After reading Jess' post today I will probably be using an obnoxious watermark on the kids pictures if I post them.  I know it's happened to so many people and I feel like I've just been too lax about it lately. I hate that people are doing this to bloggers and I want to share with you all but at the same time I feel very protective of my kids privacy. So for now I'm going with the watermark, I know you all understand. 



  1. I love that lily blouse, but that's just a tad out of my price range... So bummed! Thanks for the wine recommendation!!!

  2. I love an Elsa! I've been stocking up on Essie's - the cotton sleeveless is perfect for summer!

  3. Those cookies are super cute! Miller looks adorable in his goggles:)

  4. Those cookies are super cute! Miller looks adorable in his goggles:)

  5. Elsas are my favorite and especially this time of the year! Those cookies look delicious and sauvignon blanc is another huge favorite here!

  6. great blog.thanks for sharing it. your blog always very useful and great.

  7. I just broke down and ordered the white Joie top last week- full price!!! I need a price adjustment ASAP!!! LOVE it so much!

  8. Love all of your clothes--so cute!!

  9. I love that Joie blouse and that ON dress is so cute and such a steal! That is so sad about Jess... what is wrong with people?! It's something that is always on my mind as well and will probably start using the water marks again too... Too many creeps out there!

  10. I'm loving that old navy dress. I just might have to snag that. Those baptism cookies are too cute! I always love Elsa tops. I love that print. That's scary what happened to Jess. I am not tech savvy.. how do I do this watermark thing?

  11. All of your outfits are so cute! & I feel like I want almost every print in the Elsa top!

    & Oh my goodness I cannot believe what happened to her!!! That is so incredibly scary & part of the reason that I've pulled back from blogging. Not that I have had anyone do that to me but, the possibility is certainly out there. Gosh! Makes me even more skeptical moving forward. I can say there likely won't be a ton shared about Jack... which means I prob won't blog a lot! hahaha! But, on a serious note I totally support what you're doing with the pics!!

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