Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

Hi Friends!  How is everyone's week going?   I'm sorry I've been MIA this week.  I had high hopes for some fun posts this week but on Monday I came down with some awful cold meets stomach flu virus and was down and out.   I was so bad Monday I had to have Kyle come home from work to take care of the kids because I felt that awful.  I haven't felt that bad in years.  I didn't even feel that bad after both c-sections.  Thankfully it was over rather quickly by Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I was back to myself.   The only plus side to it: I lost 4lbs ;)

I feel like I have so much to cram into the next two weeks, anyone else?  This is the first year we have really done it up for Christmas!   Last year we had a newborn and the year before our kitchen renovation was scheduled for the week after Christmas so I'm happy we have nothing crazy going on and can really just enjoy the season.   Since this house is bigger I feel like I've been starting from scratch with my Christmas decor but that's ok I'm secretly loving it.  Shhh I'm pretty sure Kyle is not loving all the $$ I'm spending.  We have two trees this year.  One is the fun ornament kid tree and the other is my fancy glass ornament no kids allowed to touch tree ;) I get the best of both worlds.  I'm hoping to give you all a little Christmas tour next week.

The boys have been so much fun lately!  Matthew is turning into a toddler and Miller is into imagination games and the three of us have just been having the best time.  While Miller still considers Matthew a baby and gets frustrated if he doesn't play the right way those rare moments when they do play together are so sweet.

As per usual I've been doing some shopping...  I went into Loft and just could not resist this faux fur vest.  I'm still not sure if it's me or not but I'm kind of in love with it and I kind of love that it's black.  I'm a blonde we look best in black or navy (this is is why 95% of my closet is dark) also this vest is perfect for tall girls!! I've tried on so many vests that are too short and look awkward or a size to small and this one is the perfect length.


It's definitely a tall girls vest because I got the XS/S and it's still slightly oversized on me.  They have a brown color too that I'm kind of loving but the black was just calling my name. 

I also picked up this shirt and this side slit tunic below.  Both I'm equally obsessed with.

Love this tee!  It is a looser fit and it's nice and long so I can wear it with skinny jeans easily.  I would say it runs big.  I got a small.  

This sweater is so comfortable! The material is so so soft.  I'm really hoping it washes and wears well.  It's oversized- I got a small but it's nice and long in the front and back so I can wear it with leggings.  The side slit is high but I didn't think it was awful because I'll probably wear a tank or cami under it regardless.

For all my mom friends that could use a laugh on this Thursday: All the Wines That Pair Best with Your Child's Crappy Behavior.   
This explains why I love Sauvignon Blanc so much these days! 

Hope you all are having a good week and getting your xmas shopping finished up and enjoying the holiday! 

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  1. I saw that vest this weekend and was drawn to it, too, but I just knew I wouldn't wear it enough to justify buying it (in addition to everything else I've been buying for myself lately lol). Loft has had some great things lately. I took advantage of their free shipping the other day and got a sweater, and a cute dress

  2. Totally get you on the tall girls and vests... makes me feel huge!

  3. I love all your Loft picks! And a vest long enough for us tall girls is hard to find! I've been dealing with major blowouts lately so bring on the Riesling!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  4. I have been doing way too much shopping at Nordstrom online and for some reason all the items are shipping separately - that does not look good! haha

  5. I'm sorry you were so sick! It's absolutely awful when mom's are the sick ones. (And the control freak in me can't stand the sight of my house once I come back to the land of the living!) Love that vest and BTW, thanks for the recommendation on the camel-colored Old Navy top! I finally wore it today and it's so comfy, versatile and cute!

  6. Sorry you've been sick!! Something yucky has fed been going around! I want to see the fancy tree so bad!! Haha love no kids allowed to touch!


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