Halloween 2015 + Recent Outfits + House Updates

Happy Tuesday! Did everyone have a good Halloween weekend?  Ours was so much fun!

This was the first year Miller really understood Halloween.  He loved dressing up like a fireman and going to people's houses to get candy.    We started the day off with a little block party in the court next to our house and then we headed out into our neighborhood with some friends to trick or treat after it got dark.  My sister and brother in law were nice enough to stay at our house and watch Matthew and pass out candy so we could take Miller out and enjoy ourselves.  Miller made it to about 8 houses and then was finished for the night and we were back home by 8pm.

As far as costumes go I had planned to do with fireman and dalmatian theme but I couldn't find a dalmatian costume for Matthew I loved as much as the Pottery Barn Kids one.  I held off buying it (because I really didn't want to pay $50 for a costume!) and when I finally decided there was nothing good left it was sold out :(  I planned to DIY one but then I saw the duck costume in Marshall's and was sold!  I figured this is probably the last year I can get away with putting him in a big fluffy baby costume so I had to buy it.

 The only way to get the fireman to sit still was to feed him chips :) He was also supposed to wear red pants and some boots but refused and that was a battle I didn't want to fight.

We have been having the best fall weather lately and I have been having so much fun wearing all my fall clothes that I haven't really enjoyed in a few years and some new ones of course :)

Vest (old color, other colors here)  // Turtleneck // Jeans // Toms // Bag (old but a simliar steal here and splurge here )

Vest // Chambray Shirt this is the best chambray shirt and I've tried at least 10 of them// Leggings // Booties (old, similar here)

Blanket Scarf // Chambray Shirt // Leggings // Bag (old but similar here)  // Flats (looks like these J.Crew Factory ones are sold out which is such a bummer, but similar here, here, and here 

Scar (old but similar here)  // Top one of my all time favorites and only $12 from Target // Jeans //  Bag (old but a simliar steal here and splurge here ) // Flats some of my favorite flats 2 years later

We are slowly but surely making some progress on a few house projects.  I finally painted the powder room last week and love the way it turned out!   

We settled on the ever popular Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and once I get the pictures hung I will show you the final product!  While it's not a huge change it's enough to make me love the powder room that much more.  

In other news my baby turns one tomorrow!! I cannot even believe it!   Tonight I will be feeling all the feelings and trying not to cry when I put him down to sleep tonight.  



  1. So much cuteness!! Love those Halloween costumes!
    And I'm LOOOOOOVING those outfit picks too!

  2. Oh those Halloween costumes just melt my heart--especially that fuzzy duck!!!

    Lauren :)

  3. I cannot get over how much M&M look alike!!! Also, got that black dress. It's going back. Not well made and just fits off. I am an 8, so it said to get a large and it was big, but also don't think the smaller one would have worked. Seemed to be cut funny.

  4. i love love the duck costume!! so cute.

  5. Cute costumes and I love all your outfits too!

  6. Your flat lays are all amazing! Bring on all the scarves, boots and vests! Also, what a darling ducky :)

  7. First of all it's been a while and the blog design is awesome! I loved seeing the kids on instagram this weekend - they were too cute :) Happy first birthday - how did that happen!? xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. The duck costume is cute ♥♥


  9. I am loving every single one of those outfits! I agree about Pottery Barn Kids outfits. Adorable - but way too much for a one time wear costume. However - check back now you may be able to snag something on sale!

  10. The boys were adorable in there costumes!! That little ducky is precious! I am loving your outfit posts on IG!! I've been wondering where some items are from, so I'm so glad you posted this!

  11. Ok #1 love the new blog look - so pretty! #2 - you've been killing it with your outfits, so cute and mom friendly and #3 LOVE the paint you chose!!

  12. So many cute outfits! You're stylin mama!

  13. Cutest duck and fireman around!! You may get one more year out of those precious baby costumes with Matthew - maybe :)
    Love your outfit posts! I used to follow another blogger than did them, but she stopped and I always need help! Please keep it going :)
    Can't wait to see the powder room!

  14. Such sweet costumes, I love them both! And those Fall outfits are fabulous, I need your closet! Xo, Stephanie


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