Around the House: The Sun Room

One room I'm trying to utilize and check off our list is the sun room.  Our sun room is right off our family room and we have to go through it to go outside so the room gets a lot of use. Right now it's pretty boring and needs some life brought to it.   I want to use navy, white, and gray as the main colors with pops of red or maybe even pink here and there.

Here are some pictures, not edited or staged just how the room is in it's current state:

The room has so much space and a ton of potential.  At the moment we have our old deck furniture out there and it's working fine. I don't love it but it's not in the budget to splurge for furniture out here right now.  We also aren't sure we can use this room in the dead of the winter since it only has a small wall heater and it can get below freezing here so we want to see how our first winter goes and then decide from there. 

First up is the paint color.  I'm leaning toward a light blue color and I'm between Sherwin Williams North Star and Sherwin Williams Olympus White.

North Star:

Olympus White:

They are very similar light blue grays but Olympus white is a little lighter than North Star.  I actually have North Star in Matthew's nursery and Olympus White in our basement guest room it's just deciding which one will look better in the sun room.    

Since this room gets a lot of traffic I want an indoor/outdoor rug.  Here are a few I'm looking at: 

As you can see I'm really leaning toward a striped rug out there.  I've heard great things about the Dash and Albert indoor/outdoor rugs but haven't tried them myself.  All the white on these rugs does make me a little nervous though.  I'm hoping once we get it painted it will make the rug selection easier.  

I plan to re-paint this hutch in a gray Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and then fill it with decor but that will be down the road.

I still need to figure out wall decor, drapes, and pillows,  but again those are more down the road items.  I'm really hoping to start painting this weekend and then order a rug soon.  I'm just itching to get things done around here but I know the process is slow and steady these days so I'm working on my patience.

Any suggestions or paint colors or rugs?  Does anyone have a Dash and Albert rug?   Have you ever painted furniture with chalk paint?



  1. So much potential! I love your outdoor furniture. My friend has the first rug in her garage/mudroom entry. She has 4 kids and the rug looks great. I think the busy pattern helps.

  2. What about converting part of it into a mudroom? Since it is colder in there and isn't as well insulated it may be nice to put all of your boots and clothes there? It's still a great space even if it it's still up in the air of what to do with it.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. Have you looked at BM Sea Salt or BM Hazy Skies? Both beautiful colors. We have Dash and Albert Indoor/Outdoor rungs throughout the whole house and I LOVE them! I would however shy away from one with a lot of white/cream if there is heavy foot traffic. I have the Samode one, several diamond print ones, and some striped.

  4. Loving both of those paint colors. Will have to remember them! Love the bright, natural light you have in that room too!

  5. Love all of the rugs but my favorite is the navy stripes! Hope it's usable in the winter!!! Let us know!!!


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