Thoughts for Thursday: Personal Life and Privacy

So I had a completely different post planned today and right before I hit publish my husband said "Why is my picture on the blog?"
I've mentioned before that he prefers to be left off of here as often as possible and mostly I keep him  off. I do share pictures of him here and there when they are relevant to my post. He didn't ask me to take the picture down but he said "You know how I feel about being on your blog, I don't want too much out there and I really think you need to start thinking about what you share with others"  Without getting into an argument or making me angry he was just reminding me that what I put out on the internet is there for good. It's something that others can see and consume and do what the want with.

As my boys get older I really, really struggle with what to do about the subject of  what do I share, and how much is too much?  Is there a way to keep blogging and sharing my life without sharing pictures of my family? Should I make my instagram private?  Should I start using that private instagram I made again? Should I stop blogging?  If I stop talking about my personal life will people still want to read?  Will I look like I "sold out" or I'm not genuine if I only talk about fashion or my house or random things?  How can I make others around me comfortable that my blog isn't oversharing my life?

To be honest I never really worried about these things until I had kids and now I struggle with what to do. I know I've written about this a few times before but it's weighing heavy on my heart again.  I would love to hear what you think!! What would you do in my situation or what have you done in my situation?

Thoughts for Thursday



  1. I haven't found the perfect solution either but I do keep my Instagram private because I share a lot more photos there. I don't think you'll be selling out if you focus on other parts of your life but you have to do what feels right to you.

  2. This was exactly why I created a different blog and made it private. If I'm sharing photos of my daughter, I just don't feel comfortable letting anyone in the world see. By making it private, I get to allow only certain people see it. I don't think you'd lose readers - it's not that difficult for them to request to view it, and for you to add them. Good luck with your decision!!

  3. It is really hard. You know, I feel that my blog is my outlet and while I don't reveal personal information like Sophie's birthday or other things like that, her picture is plastered over my blog. I do wonder as she gets older how she'll feel about it. I do make my instagram private as well as label all of my pictures with her in it, but I do wonder if I ever should ever stop. Some people don't even reveal their husband's name or their children, which makes me wonder if I should do that too.

    Decisions, decisions. I do hope you continue to blog, I love reading what you've written!

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  4. I go back and forth on that subject. It's such a tricky subject and the answer is basically impossible!

  5. I have wondered this same thing! Once Jack was born & I got back to blogging again I shared everything about him - on the blog & on Instagram. And then it kind of got to a point where 1, no one wants to see my kid that much (lol!) and 2, there's got to be a balance somewhere. I'm still trying to find that balance for sure. Even sharing his monthly updates... I've been reluctant to share anymore of those because I don't know if it's information that really needs to be out there. I want to continue doing them (even if I never post them) but, for keepsake purposes but, I just don't know about sharing them publicly on the blog. Ahh! Such a hard topic & decision for sure!!


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