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I don't know if I've mentioned it or not but Miller is starting preschool this fall! While I'm a little nervous about sending him to school I know he's going to love it and thrive. He's such a social kid and I know this will be so good for him.
One thing I'm super excited for is his fall wardrobe for back to school! We still have a few more weeks of warm weather here but the cold weather will be here before we know it so I know I need to stock up now.

Here are some staples that I love and I know will take us through the winter:

Back to School Looks: Toddler Boys

As you know I like to dress my boys preppy but not break the bank (too much) and I've had pretty good luck with Carter's, Gap, and Old Navy lately.
I'm very picky about polo shirts and prefer the pique over jersey and Old Navy has the best selection of them. You can usually find them as cheap as $6 and the long sleeve are perfect for winter.  They also now sell uniform ones that do not have the ON logo on them so you could easily add a monogram :)  Gap is my go-to for sweaters and button downs. They can be a bit pricier but if you wait for sales you can get lucky. They also really hold up to wear and tear so I'm willing to pay a little more.
Carter's does a much better job on older infant/toddler/boy clothes than they do on little baby boy clothes.  Miller is tall and very skinny and Carter's have been the only pants he can wear so I'm hoping this hold true this season. We loved the twill and corduroy pants last winter so I know we'll get a ton of use out of these this year.  Those vests- both from Carter's are just calling my name! How adorable would the fleece one be paired with the striped rugby polo?!  Preppy perfection!

Shoes! I have a crazy thing for kids shoes which is weird because I'm not shoe obsessed for myself. I love those Ralph Lauren sneakers for something a little nicer. The Tucker and Tate oxford  is perfect for special occasions and church. I'm dying for a pair of Uggs for Miller. I know they're so expensive and not practical but ahhh they're so cute!  I'm always a fan of New Balance and these navy ones would be perfect.

Do you  back to school shop for your kids? Where are your favorite places to shop? I went to private school my whole life so back to school shopping only ever meant school supplies until I went to college!



  1. Oh my gosh so cute!! I can't wait to put some of these outfits on Rowan! Its so hard to believe Miller is old enough for preschool, where does the time go?!

  2. Yay!! You definitely have not mentioned that miller is going to school. I'm so excited for both him and you!!! How many days a week?? I love all your back to school ideas. I've been wanting to get to old navy to get some of their polos that I can monogram!!

  3. exciting that miller is starting preschool this fall! i love all the preppy outfits you picked out. gap, old navy and carters are favorites of mine too! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. That is the best little preppy wardrobe! I started stocking up on the ON polos for Grey after your suggestion, and they really are awesome for the price! Wait until Miller starts turning full boy and wanting the graphic tees! I never thought that would happen, then right around three, Greyson refused the polos and had to have all the character tees (AGH!)

  5. Love the red vest.

  6. Miller will rock preschool, and look adorable doing it. Your picks are right up my alley....I love each look for a little boy - especially the shoes and cableknit. I'm so ready for fall!

  7. So cute!!!! I miss dressing little ones. :)
    www jaymieashcraft.com

  8. Love the clothes you picked out. And they say boy stuff isn't cute! ;) He's going to love school and you'll love the time with just Matthew!

  9. Precious picks!! Love those vests!! We've bought those gap sweaters (in red and blue) for Christmas card pictures before. They are adorable on! Boys are so fun to shop for!

  10. I love shopping for baby boy fall clothes!! The cable knit sweaters are my favorite! And those NB sneakers are just too much... Camden may need them asap!


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