Wednesday Wishlist: Loft Love

A few weeks ago I picked up this maxi dress (below) at the Loft and it's totally reignited my love for them.

 I was lucky to score the dress for only $40 when it was on clearance and since Loft is always having great sales I couldn't help but add these beauties to my virtual shopping cart this week.

Are you a fan of the Loft? Do you take advantage of the 50% off sales?



Back to School Shopping

I don't know if I've mentioned it or not but Miller is starting preschool this fall! While I'm a little nervous about sending him to school I know he's going to love it and thrive. He's such a social kid and I know this will be so good for him.
One thing I'm super excited for is his fall wardrobe for back to school! We still have a few more weeks of warm weather here but the cold weather will be here before we know it so I know I need to stock up now.

Here are some staples that I love and I know will take us through the winter:

Back to School Looks: Toddler Boys

As you know I like to dress my boys preppy but not break the bank (too much) and I've had pretty good luck with Carter's, Gap, and Old Navy lately.
I'm very picky about polo shirts and prefer the pique over jersey and Old Navy has the best selection of them. You can usually find them as cheap as $6 and the long sleeve are perfect for winter.  They also now sell uniform ones that do not have the ON logo on them so you could easily add a monogram :)  Gap is my go-to for sweaters and button downs. They can be a bit pricier but if you wait for sales you can get lucky. They also really hold up to wear and tear so I'm willing to pay a little more.
Carter's does a much better job on older infant/toddler/boy clothes than they do on little baby boy clothes.  Miller is tall and very skinny and Carter's have been the only pants he can wear so I'm hoping this hold true this season. We loved the twill and corduroy pants last winter so I know we'll get a ton of use out of these this year.  Those vests- both from Carter's are just calling my name! How adorable would the fleece one be paired with the striped rugby polo?!  Preppy perfection!

Shoes! I have a crazy thing for kids shoes which is weird because I'm not shoe obsessed for myself. I love those Ralph Lauren sneakers for something a little nicer. The Tucker and Tate oxford  is perfect for special occasions and church. I'm dying for a pair of Uggs for Miller. I know they're so expensive and not practical but ahhh they're so cute!  I'm always a fan of New Balance and these navy ones would be perfect.

Do you  back to school shop for your kids? Where are your favorite places to shop? I went to private school my whole life so back to school shopping only ever meant school supplies until I went to college!



Scenes from the Weekend

Happy Monday Everyone!  Did you all have a good weekend?

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw I shared our painted cabinets on Friday. We decided to just paint the cabinets white and leave the brick alone. We love it!  As I mentioned before the beige walls are staying the same for now and the gold fireplace doors will be coming off soon. The previous owner graciously left us the TV above the fireplace (I don't love it but it's so practical for us right now) so we are still working on the cords situation.  I finally decorated the shelves a little bit this weekend so I will share more later this week. Shelf styling is hard!

I picked up this Lilly Pulitzer Tabbie Tank last week and I've been wearing  it non stop. Their tees are so soft. I'm also loving all the blues in their new line of prints

Friday night Kyle got home from work early so we went to our favorite local restaurant for happy hour and dinner. I cheated on my diet to enjoy some delicious Moscow mules and a big fluffy soft pretzel. #soworthit

Matthew loves getting to join all  of us at the table now and getting a bite of everyone's food.

On Saturday we ventured out to a Touch a Truck event. It was the first time we had ever been to one and Miller was in heaven.  If you have a little boy look for one in your area if you haven't been yet. Ours was at a local church and admission was free with a donation to their food pantry.

 My momiform on repeat this summer. T-shirt, shorts, and sandals. 
White tee (old but similar here) //J.Crew Factory 3in chino // Tory Burch Miller Sandal (old color but linked to similar ones)

Saturday night Kyle and I decided to have a date night after the kids went to bed.  We ate crabs and drank beers on the back patio while we reminisced and looked at old pictures. It was so much fun and so good for us.  Sometimes the day to day of parenting makes us forget who we used to be.

This is my favorite old picture of us. It was taken 10 years ago in August in OBX. I always wonder if those 23 year olds could have ever imagined what life would look like 10 years later.

Here's to a good week ahead of us and one of the last ones before summer is over!


Thoughts for Thursday: New House First Floor- Before

One thing that makes me so mad at myself is that I never thoroughly documented all the changes and renovations we made to our old house while we lived there.  I've decided this time around I want to share our progress from start to finish (mostly for my personal scrap book) so that I can remind myself of the changes we've made even if they aren't "internet perfect" and see how far we've come.

This house is big so our changes and renovations will be a lot slower this time around. We've decided to pick a room and go room by room making whatever changes we can afford at the time and then moving on when we feel it's complete (as complete as it can be before I change my mind again lol).  That's our plan for the moment, I'll keep you posted if  it changes.

Here is what the house looked like when we first saw it:



Living Room

Formal Dining Room


Family Room

Sun Room


So there you have it!  It's such a great house and we couldn't pass up the space for the price!

Now it's your turn!

Thoughts for Thursday



Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale-Did You Shop?

Calling all  fellow Lilly lovers! Have you shopped the After Party Sale yet? What did you think? Did you get what you wanted?

I had my computer, Ipad, and Iphone app up and ready to go this morning! When I first refreshed my computer at 8am I was 13229  in line with over an hour wait. I then went straight to my Iphone and was able to get right on and shop! I picked up three things (Elsa top in Electric Feel, Karrie Tee in Shell Me about it, Sloane Maxi in Blue yacht sea) I wanted the first time waited for my computer to get on and was able to snag one more (Daphne dress in Pink Yacht Sea). I was so bummed I wasn't about to get the Elsa top or Daphne dress in Red Right Return (my favorite print this summer) but I have it  in another style so I know I'll survive. #firstworldproblems
 I will say I was very surprised that the virtual line ran as smoothly as it did. The wait times were not nearly as long as they predicted and I actually thought it went pretty fast.

I snagged this dress below and all the other items I picked up are already sold out!

If I had an endless budget here are some more things I would have gotten:


Would love to hear your thoughts if you shopped the sale!!


Thoughts for Thursday: In My Shopping Cart...

Welcome  back to another Thoughts for Thursday!  So sorry I was MIA last Thursday but I'm back today!

Does anyone else feel like this is that odd time where you want to start wearing fall clothes but it's still 100 degrees outside so you can't?! Please tell me I'm not alone.  I've been trying to channel fall but without all the long sleeves and layers

How cute is this tee? And #stripes of course

I love shirt dresses and this persimmon color feels like a great fall transition.

This shirt could go either way honestly but I'm obsessed with this marble  print. The also have it in shorts and a dress, both adorable.

This picture does not do these booties justice! They are so cute in  person and the $28 price tag can't be beat.

This is the perfect transition dress and the print is too cute to pass up.

Leopard flats are a fall staple.

Rag & Bone Simone Pants

How cute are these ankle pants? I need a new pair and these might be it.

Clare V Fold Over Clutch

This fold over clutch is my favorite and the navy and red is so good for fall!

Anyone else ready to start shopping fall clothes? Have you already started?

Thoughts for Thursday

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