What's on Miller's Book Shelf?

Over the past six months or so Miller has really become obsessed with books. We let him read one book before nap time and three books before bed (depending on the length of them). We also keep lots of books in the playroom that he loves "reading" to himself.  At around 16-18 months he started really getting an opinion on what books we read which was exciting and sad for me. Exciting because I loved that he had favorite stories and sad because now instead of the baby books we mostly read about trucks or dinosaurs :) 

It is so fun to watch his interest in books grow as he gets older and I wanted to share some of our favorites with you. If you're looking for more books for your kids or a gift for a little boy all of these would  be perfect.

Here are his current  favorites in particular order:

We love this one and the one above it by the same author and lots of trucks, trains, and animals to identify between the two.  Perfect for bedtime since the trucks and train are going to bed.

(Slide and Find version)
We love the slide version since it's interactive

Sometimes we read this one 10 times a day, he never tires of it.

This one and the one above are two of my favorites. I love Little Blue truck and hope she continues to write more books about him. 

Miller can spend forever (like 20 mins in toddler time) looking at this book and screaming out the truck names.  This is probably are current favorite #1

I love these first word books. They have been great over the past couple months as Miller talks more and learns more words and animals.

I buy most of his books at Amazon,  Marshalls, and TJ Maxx.  No point in paying full price! 

Are these some of your kids favorites? Are there any good little boy books I'm missing?


  1. Such good books! The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorites!

  2. You're in a land of trucks and cars and I'm in a land of fairies and princesses! Have you read him any of the "stinky face" books? Abby also loved the 1st reader "biscuit" books at that age and started getting into the bear books ("bear wants more," "bear snores on," etc) and Llama Llama books (that we still love). It was around his age that we really started taking books out of the library because my weekly trips to B&N we're getting expensive!

  3. Greyson basically lives for al of these books. Anything about trucks! We did get Everybody Poops for potty training and that has quickly topped the list ;)

  4. I love picking out books at TJ Maxx!! The Little Blue Truck is a favorite over here too, though Rowan doesn't have a say yet. haha I'll have to add some of these to my list to buy for him, thanks for sharing!

  5. so cute! We are obsessed with books over here too. Love all the truck books and were a big fan of the little blue truck but we only have the Christmas edition. We need to get some of the other ones!!

  6. i need to buy the 100 animals and little caterpillar books! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. You've got a little book worm on your hands! These books sound adorable!

  8. Such cute book suggestions!!! I'm looking forward to the land of trucks & trains! For now these are great gift ideas for my nephews!

  9. I'm loving all the books on trucks!! My husband would still like those ;) ;)

  10. Brown Bear Brown Bear, the Very Hungry Catipillar and The Little Blue Truck are all on heavy rotation at our house! I love all the truck books, I need to get some more variety on Cam's bookshelf!


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