Star Spangled Kids Link Up

Welcome to our Star Spangled Kids Link up!  As I mentioned yesterday you have from today through July 7th to share photos of your little ones in their all American best.

I always have grand visions in my head about how my kids are going to cooperate, smile on cue, and just be adorable for me.  Then I attempt these photos and well... I'll let the photos do the talking.

 The balloons didn't quite turn out as I planned... have you ever asked a toddler to be gentle and sit still? #nothappening

Then we did an outfit change, because duh they obviously have two 4th of July outfits and I'm crazy...

I eventually gave in and turned on the tv to get them both to sit still for me... 

I hope your kids were perfect and cooperated for you!!  The smocked outfits are from Smocked Auctions and the flag shirt and plaid shorts and the first fourth onesie are from Carter's.

If you still need to pick up an outfit for your little one I've included some great options below, just scroll through to see!

Join in on the fun by linking up below!



  1. stop it!! They are so cute! Although I don't know how to get two kids still at the same time for a picture :)

  2. their outfits are so cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. So adorable!! And I wouldn't want to sit still either if you gave me a balloon! Thanks so much for hosting with us!

  4. Hahah A++ for effort, photographer! Those cuties crack me up and their outfits are adorable (as usual!) :)

  5. haha I love these photos!! You definitely have your hands full.. I feel like this is going to be Rowan in a year!

  6. The smocked outfits...love!! The first thing I told my husband when he got home last night was "we can't have any more kids--I can't even get these two to look at the camera".

  7. They look adorable in their fourth of july gear!! I would never be able to get Sophie to sit that still ever.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  8. Hahaha! Our photo shoots go the same way!! I love the onesie with the heart flag! Cute!!

  9. I think we all suffer the same photo struggle!! Your pictures are adorable - whether what you expected or not! I've completely given up with 3 - completely!


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