Thoughts for Thursday: Loving Lately

**Friends I'm so sorry!!  I thought I scheduled this to post but apparently I didn't, thanks again for linking up as always!**

Happy Thursday! I feel like this week is flying by anyone else?!

Here are some things I'm loving this week:

This Salad...
 The southwestern chopped salad from The Garden Grazer popped on my Facebook feed and I had to try it because it sounded too good. I made a big batch on Monday to eat all week and it does not disappoint! It is healthy and totally fills me up so I don't have to stuff my face with carbs at lunch.  The creamy cilantro lime dressing might be my favorite part.  If you're looking for a good salad give this one a try.  I think I might  try her Asian chopped salad next.

This Face Wash...

I picked up the Cerave foaming face wash at Ulta after hearing a lot of really good things about and it's been great. My skin  is all over the place right now and half oily/half dry and this does a great job of helping the combination  skin without over drying the dry parts. Has anyone else tried this one? 

These Sandals...

I'm in a wedding in September and we can pick our shoes. We're wearing long pink dresses and I think these shoes would be perfect with it. Plus I think I could get other wears out of them in the long run. I've never heard of this brand, has anyone else? I'm thinking of ordering to see how they are.

This Book...

I've been hearing that this is a very polarizing book so I have to read it find out what I think. It's basically a peek into the life of the ultra rich mom's life on the upper east side from an outsider-who-got-in stand point. A lot of people are calling it a grown up mean girls so I of course must  find out for myself. If anyone has read it I would love to know what you think.

What are you loving this week??

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Thoughts for Thursday



  1. That salad looks so yummy!
    I haven't heard of that book but it sounds like it would be entertaining!

  2. I have had that salad pinned for awhile and haven't tried it! Will have to next week.

    And love those shoes!

  3. Those sandals are so pretty, and that salad looks delish!

  4. That salad looks so good! And those shoes look like they would be perfect for the wedding!

  5. i want to try that face wash too! keep us posted on how you like it. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. I need to try that salad now, especially the dressing. Cilantro lime is right up my alley. I have not read that book yet, but let us all know how it is. I'm a huge reader and I'm always looking for my next read!!

  7. I love the look of those sandals - perfect for a wedding!!

  8. oooh the salad!!!! And let us know how the book is. i'm intrigued

  9. My sister is reading that book and loves it, I can't wait to start it! Those sandals are perfect for summer! Xo, Stephanie

  10. That salad looks wonderful! I am going to try it this weekend! Primates is on my reading list for this summer. I can't wait to finish the book I am reading now.

  11. Hi Natalie!! Aww thanks so much for sharing the salad :) So glad to hear you're enjoying it! The dressing is my favorite part too (not even ashamed to admit I've eaten by the spoonful before - heehee!) ;) Wishing you a lovely weekend!!
    Kaitlin @ TheGardenGrazer

  12. That book is definitely on my list too!! And that salad looks amazing!!!



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