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Thoughts for Thursday

We have been so busy around here lately! The warmer weather means more activities and more time outside. I absolutely love it but it can get exhausting!

- I used to think running errands before kids was tough now I have to carve out a minimum of 3 hours time for a grocery trip since it can involve any of the following- diaper blowout, hungry toddler, infant needs a bottle, toddler throws a tantrum, we drop a lovely/toy/pacifier and then spend 30 mins backtracking for it.
This was us in the car this week post grocery trip after I fed Matthew a bottle and gave Miller a snack. I sent this to Kyle with some caption like Help we've been at Wegmans for 3 hours already and half of it's been in the parking lot.

- I'm involved in a mom's club up here and we have weekly playgroups during the school year and next week is our last week of playgroup :(  It's an awesome group of 6 boys and 3 girls and they were all 2.5yrs old and younger. It's been so nice to have a weekly play date and schedule for Miller and he loves seeing his friends. Thankfully he's going to school next year with a few of the boys and I know we'll all stay in touch this summer but I will sure miss it.

-Matthew has started army crawling and I cannot handle it!! He still can't sit up unassisted but if he sees a toy he wants across the room he just starts scooting on over to it.  I'm not sure I'm ready for two mobile kids.

- I'm hosting a gender reveal party for a special someone next weekend and I'm so excited! It will be the first one I've hosted and attended all in one night.

- I'm thinking about cutting my hair really short again. I did it after my wedding and sort of hated it but I feel like I need a change and I sort of want something drastic.
Here is a picture from Christmas 2009, not the best but gives you the idea:  (I look so well rested and young)

- Miller is really into hats, shoes, bags, basically all accessories,  #hesclearlymykid and lately we've been wearing the helmet around everywhere when we're outside.  I can't handle that smile and face! He's  just too funny these days. 

- Did you all watch The Bachelorette?!?! What do you think?? I don't want to spoil it in case you  need to catch up but all I want to know is who was it?

-At the last minute  I've completely changed the theme for Miller's second birthday! I will have more details later but I think this one is going to be a winner with the little boys.

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  1. Your boys are the cutest! After Greyson was born, I started having an order of groceries delivered every week, because I couldn't find the time to shop with them and maintain my sanity. I still run out for lots of stuff, but for the most part Fresh Direct and Diapers.com save the day for me!

  2. Sitting in the car in Wegmans sounds like fun :) yayee for finding out!!!

  3. Can't wait to see how the gender reveal party comes out! And I'm sooooo happy with the decision the guys made on The Bachelorette :)

  4. Your grocery shopping cracks me up! I'm sure I'll be the same way in a few months. Although our Harris Teeter does online shopping. You order online and they have a drive thru pick up service. I'm sure I'll be taking advantage of that or shopping on my lunch breaks. Your kids are seriously adorable and growing way too fast!

  5. Your boys are just too cute! I really want to join a moms group next year. I think it'll be a great way to meet people and get out of the house a bit!

  6. I can't even with that helmet - SO CUTE!! And I feel you on running errands, so hard when they're that little!

  7. I can't even imagine two (just the thought of buckling and unbuckling two carseats!) I just bought that car seat do you love it?

  8. That photo of Miller in the helmet is just too cute!!!

  9. You have just the two cutest boys ever!

  10. i love your hair short!! good luck with the cut.
    xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. This is my first time visiting your blog -- it looks great! I'm looking forward to reading more. Thanks for hosting! BTW, we were at the USNA gradation today and saw the Blue Angels when they flew over. They are awesome! Every year I say I am going to brave the crowds and head downtown early in the morning and hang out for the show. I chicken out every time! Next year I will go!

  12. Loving your short hair, it looks great on you! Xo, Stephanie

  13. Your grocery store story cracks me up too! I am in the same boat with two little ones. It takes forever to do anything and I have totally been there--stuck in the parking lot nursing and changing diapers while all you want to do is do your grocery shopping (so close yet so far ;) Love your posts!


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