Friday Things

TGIF! I love short weeks.  I think three day weekends should become a thing. I know I don't actually go to work but having Kyle home to help me makes such a huge difference.

Let's chat about some stuff, how does that sound? Grab a coffee or wine I've come some not so deep thoughts today.

1. Chris and Whitney broke up! 
 Anyone shocked? I mean how many of these couples have even worked? I'm actually happy they did it so quickly because I feel like most of them drag it out for a year even though they're not happy. I think Chris is just looking to become a celebrity and I think his personality on DWTS was telling of what he's really like.

2. A 54in Vanity for the bathroom
I'm officially obsessed with everything in this picture for our bathroom renovation but I can't seem to find a 54in vanity that has two sinks! Anyone have any good resources? It looks  like at this point we might have to get a custom one made but I'm very nervous it will be super expensive. I'm hoping our local lumbar yard could work something up that won't break the bank.

3. Kitchen Back Wall
You guys it's been over a year and I still have no idea what to do with the back wall in our kitchen behind the table. I've been looking for a mirror but I can't find one I love and I feel like I've looked everywhere.  I've been considering adding wallpaper but I don't know, I can't decide if that would look good or not!

4. Unreal 
Have you all seen the preview for Unreal? It's a scripted show that is behind the scenes of a reality show Everlasting, basically The Bachelor. It looks pretty good and  is apparently developed by a former Bachelor producer so  it's got to be good right?  It airs on June 1st on Lifetime and I plan to check it out.

5. Shrimp Avocado Corn Salad
I pinned this recipe that I have been dying to try. It just screams summer (and healthy) to me.

I just discovered this food blog and everything looks so good to me! I wish I was a more motivated cook  to cook something fancy every night.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Thoughts for Thursday: My Favorite Infant and Toddler Boys Shoes

As you know I love shopping for my boys and baby/toddler boy shoes are some of my favorite things to buy!  Like with all things pertaining to little boys fashion good cute shoes can be hard to find! I old fashioned in that I don't really like traditional shoes on babies until 6 months (shoes with hard soles). I am also little picky with baby shoes and now that I have two boys who can share down the road I've been investing in quality shoes that I know will last for both of  them. I buy most of the boys shoes at Zappos, Amazon, Nordstrom, and Target.

I've rounded up my favorites for you below:

I had a pair of these when Miller was 5 months old and they were perfect for winter. They are so soft, warm, and squishy so they are soft on baby's feet.

 I was lucky enough to win a Freshly Picked giveaway last spring so Miller got his first pair of mocs  in sand suede! They were so perfect for crawling and scooting around outside that I bought him another pair when his feet grew and he started walking. We went with the weathered brown next and they held up through major wear and tear over the summer and are still looking good. I ended up picking up another pair with their sale last week and got Matthew a pair in glacier. I think they will be fun for summer!

 I love these crib shoes for babies.  First of all the have the cutest designs and are so comfy on their feet. Matthew has a few pairs thanks to Miller that he's been wearing around outside now that he's mobile. 

This sandals above for babies and below for toddlers/kids are my favorite summer sandal. My husband calls them Jesus sands but I think they are adorable with shorts and jon jons. I love how think the sole is and I feel like they have to be comfortable for the boys. Miller loves wearing them and I picked up Matthew a matching tan pair for this summer.  I think the See wees run big and the surfers run true to size.

We are on our third pair of Toms because we love them that much! I just buy the next size up once Miller outgrows them. These are so easy to slip on and we even wore  them with socks and pants during the winter. Toms does half sizes so make sure to try the half size up before buying a pair.

My parents gave these to Miller for Easter and he loves them. At first I didn't love them but the fact that they can get wet, muddy, dirty, and just be rinsed off is pretty awesome. 

We don't own these yet but they are on their way to our house. I've been dying to get a pair for Miller this year and finally broke down and bought  them. Everyone  raves about them so I hope they live up to the hype.

I picked these up at Target for Miller when we were desperate for a new pair of shoes and they've been great. Nice and affordable adidas knockoffs

I had a pair of Nike's for Miller last year and they were one of our favorite tennis shoes. He loved the bright colors and this year he picked out the orange pair above. They can get pricey but I got last years at the Nike outlet and this year I got them on major sale at Kohls.  

My sister gave these New Balances to Miller for his first birthday and they were a hit. We ended up having the tie version because I didn't know better but I suggest velcro for all squirmy toddlers.

Miller and Matthew can't be from Annapolis and not own a good pair of boat shoes! Sperry top siders are our favorite and again I snagged these at the outlets for half price. I would say they run big.

How adorable are these Target slip ons? I love them!! I just ordered this online so I'm waiting for them to arrive but I love the tan for only $17 they're not going to break the bank and will look adorable with shorts and polos.

 I had an  awesome pair of hand me downs from my sister in law that were a European brand and so far these footmates ones are the closest I can find in quality and look. We wore these all winter long and  loved  them for special occasions and church.

The saddle shoe is one of my absolute most favorite looks on a little boy, especially with knee high socks. The best part is that is how my mother in law dressed Kyle and all his brothers so she loves this look on my boys.  I know it's not for everyone but I'm all about dressing them like a baby for as long as possible.  We have the navy pair and save them for church and special occasions.

These are my  favorite special occasion shoes for infants and pre-walkers. Miller had these and they have now been passed onto Matthew. I just love how sweet they look dressed up with these on.

So there you have it! My long exhaustive list of boys shoes. I told you I had a little obsession love for boys shoes.  Are there any shoes you put on your boys? Any ones I should know about that I don't?

Thoughts for Thursday
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Wednesday Wishlist

Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and got to relax and spend time with their families. We had a great fun filled weekend and I think I'm still recovering two days later.

Here are some things on my radar this week:

 How adorable is this gingham romper?!! I'm dying and think Matthew needs it in his closet ASAP

I'm loving this style of dress from LP since it  feels different from her usual styles the only problem is I've heard it's pretty short :(
These marked down to $95.96 for the half yearly sale and I'm loving them! I've been looking for dressier wedge than my beloved Toms and thought these would the the trick.

Love this color green! I think it would be great with a pair of white jeans this summer

I can't resist a good anchor or stripe for the boys and these jammies are adorable.

You know stripes are my weakness and at only $24 this tote is hard to pass up.

Again with the stripes- I'm loving this dress! It would be perfect for a few upcoming events I have but again I fear it might be too short.  Going to order anyway and see how it is!

Love the modern take on eyelet and think it would be perfect with jean shorts this summer. Plus you can get 25% off at Gap right now with the code Happy

How cute is this maxi dress?! And it's only $84 (which is pretty good when browsing Shopbop)

I couldn't resist this adorable eyelet dress when I was browsing Baby Gap- so if you have a little girl go buy it now!! Use the code Happy for 25% off

Is there anything on your wishlist this week?


Friday Four

TGIF everyone! Are you ready for the long weekend? I sure am! We have friends in town from Atlanta that used to live here so I'm excited for all the festivities we have ahead of us.

Here are some things I'm loving today:

1. Blue Angels- Every year the blue angels do an air show the week of the Naval Academy graduation and it's by far my favorite day in Annapolis.  It doesn't matter how many times I've seen them fly I'm always amazed and awed by the show.
Here is a clip from inside the cockpit of one plane that is just incredible! The views of Annapolis are awesome and I can't believe how close they fly to each other.

2. The Go-Pod- We bought one of these for Matthew so that we could have a place for him to play/hang out outside while we're out there. So far we love it! Not only is it great because he can watch everything  Miller is doing but it keeps him contained and happy!  It is very light weight,  comes with a carrying case,and easily wipes clean. I  plan to take it everywhere with me this summer- the pool, beach, park,  etc. We got ours at Target but you can also find them on Amazon and at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

3. Special K Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein bars- So I'm well aware that these aren't that good for me and they definitely don't fill me up as much as some other protein bars but these have become my afternoon treat to curb my sweet tooth.  Come 3pm I'm dying for m&ms or chocolate chip cookies so instead of one of those I usually treat myself to one of these.  I'm not sure it's the right answer but I'm baby stepping into breaking this sugar habit. Does anyone have any good protein bar recommendations? and not Kind bars- I'm sort of over those right now.

4. Transportation Party Invites- We decided to have a planes, trains, cars etc party for Miller. He's really into anything that moves so I decided to expand it beyond trains.  I had the invitations and printables made by Lauren Haddox Designs. I also used her last year for his nautical themed first birthday and I love what she does!  I don't do anything custom I just order her DIY printable party pack and then she personalizes the invitation.   You can find tons of great party themes in her etsy shop here.

I've been pinning ideas like crazy on Pinterest so I'm excited to get working on everything!

I hope you all have an awesome long weekend and enjoy lots of delicious food and drinks!


Thoughts for Thursday: Random Thoughts

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Thoughts for Thursday

We have been so busy around here lately! The warmer weather means more activities and more time outside. I absolutely love it but it can get exhausting!

- I used to think running errands before kids was tough now I have to carve out a minimum of 3 hours time for a grocery trip since it can involve any of the following- diaper blowout, hungry toddler, infant needs a bottle, toddler throws a tantrum, we drop a lovely/toy/pacifier and then spend 30 mins backtracking for it.
This was us in the car this week post grocery trip after I fed Matthew a bottle and gave Miller a snack. I sent this to Kyle with some caption like Help we've been at Wegmans for 3 hours already and half of it's been in the parking lot.

- I'm involved in a mom's club up here and we have weekly playgroups during the school year and next week is our last week of playgroup :(  It's an awesome group of 6 boys and 3 girls and they were all 2.5yrs old and younger. It's been so nice to have a weekly play date and schedule for Miller and he loves seeing his friends. Thankfully he's going to school next year with a few of the boys and I know we'll all stay in touch this summer but I will sure miss it.

-Matthew has started army crawling and I cannot handle it!! He still can't sit up unassisted but if he sees a toy he wants across the room he just starts scooting on over to it.  I'm not sure I'm ready for two mobile kids.

- I'm hosting a gender reveal party for a special someone next weekend and I'm so excited! It will be the first one I've hosted and attended all in one night.

- I'm thinking about cutting my hair really short again. I did it after my wedding and sort of hated it but I feel like I need a change and I sort of want something drastic.
Here is a picture from Christmas 2009, not the best but gives you the idea:  (I look so well rested and young)

- Miller is really into hats, shoes, bags, basically all accessories,  #hesclearlymykid and lately we've been wearing the helmet around everywhere when we're outside.  I can't handle that smile and face! He's  just too funny these days. 

- Did you all watch The Bachelorette?!?! What do you think?? I don't want to spoil it in case you  need to catch up but all I want to know is who was it?

-At the last minute  I've completely changed the theme for Miller's second birthday! I will have more details later but I think this one is going to be a winner with the little boys.

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Target Does It Again

Target has really been hitting it out of the park lately! I feel like every time I go in I find something new to buy,  oh wait that happens every time but lately the stuff has been extra good!  I swear I wouldn't be sharing these with you all unless they were must haves.  So if you're heading to Target this week stop by and check these items out (because the pictures below do not do them justice!).

Here are my must haves:

::Gilligan & O'Malley Fluid Knit Chemise::

 This has 5 stars because it's that good! I was in desperate need of new sleepwear when I stumbled upon this nightgown and it's perfect! It's super soft and light weight which is great for summer. If you're pregnant it will more than accommodate your baby bump and the best part is that the top is like a soft built in bra that is supportive but not constricting!  I bought it in black and gray and loved it so much I bought it in the pink/coral on my next trip to Target. 

I would call this more of a swing dress than a shift dress but its still a great casual summer dress. The picture doesn't do it justice but it's nice and swingy and could easily accommodate a baby bump or hide a post baby tummy.  With a big statement necklace you could easily dress it up a bit!

This maxi is so comfortable and so flattering! I love the navy but would also take one in every color! I love the kimono top on this one since it makes it easier to play with the kids and not have to worry about accidentally exposing something! They have a short version too I might need too.

V-neck tees and shorts are my summer uniform and at only $6 a piece these are hard to pass up.  I decided on this pink, a gray, and black. Much cheaper and not as see through as my much loved J.Crew ones.

I posted about this tote when it first came out a few months back but just decided to get one this week. I opted for this orange/coral/pink one. It's such a fun summer color and the bag is gigantic so it will fit all the stuff I need for the boys and it doesn't break the bank at $37. 

Have you found anything good at Target lately? Do you spend an extra $100 $50 every time you go to Target like me?

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