Thoughts for Thursday: A Random One

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Thoughts for Thursday

Sorry this is a random one!

- Have you seen this post on Mommy Shorts about parenting in the 70s and 80s?!  It's hysterical and so true.  Some how we all managed to survive, why is parenting so serious these days?! 

- So I have half finished posts on my breastfeeding story and my one year as a stay at home mom but those keep getting pushed back because I have no brain power these days to write coherent sentences.  I'm much more into pretty pictures and bullet points.   I promise to finish them soon. 

- NO ONE is sleeping in my house. I am seriously losing my mind. 

- I feel like all I do is complain these days but I promise I'm not miserable! I keep telling myself this is just a season and this too shall pass.

- I used to be able to drink one cup of coffee a day max because I was sensitive to caffeine.  Lately I can drink three cups and not even blink.  

- I feel like Easter really snuck up on me this year! I will be sharing the boys baskets along with some of my minimal Easter decor. 

-When did you start feeding your infant solids?  My pediatrician told me at Matthew's four month appointment to start once we shows interest in food.  At that time he wasn't but over the past 10 days or so he wants to sit at the table with us and stares down what we're eating.   He will be 5 months on Saturday and I think I started Miller at 6 months but he was very on and off with eating from the start (and still is)

- Since Matthew will be a squishy baby with lots of rolls this summer I plan to keep him in bubbles and onesies all summer long.    I just snagged these onesies below at Carter's and they are so cute! They're still having a 50% off sale so stock up while you can!

- I have a gift card to West Elm from my birthday that I still haven't spent and I'm thinking about using it on some outdoor pillows four our deck furniture.   These are two I'm eyeing:

and how cute is the back! 

- Is it common to be clingy at 21 months old?  Miller has always been great about playing by himself but lately he needs me to play with him all the time or be sitting right next to him or him sitting on my lap.  This is new over the past month and sometimes I love it but sometimes it's hard to balance with Matthew. 

- My dad is coming to pick up Miller today for a play date with him (which means lots of rock throwing and digging in the mud) and I'm excited to run errands with just one baby!

Hope you all have a great Thursday! 

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  1. We started giving my nanny boys solids at 6 months.. One showed great interest, the other not so much. They are eight months now and are eating avocado bananas, lots of veggies and love the baby puffs!

  2. TOTALLY normal for Miller to be clingy - I think boys can be more so than girls, and Greyson has really just started to open up at over three. You're not complaining, you're a mom and we have to put it all out there to help each other and for our own sanity!

  3. That parenting article is hilarious! Hoping you can get some sleep soon!!!

  4. Loving those pillows! I think they are a must! :)

  5. Loving those pillows! I think they are a must! :)

  6. That post on 80s parenting was so hilarious, and I'm pretty sure I have a few of those exact pictures of when I was a kid! A solid reminder when we take every little thing so seriously!

  7. I love that post on parenting in the 70s and 80s! Seriously, how did we survive? I'm loving those little polo onesies!!! i saw them at Carter's and now I want to go back and get them :)

  8. cant wait to read your breastfeeding post! and i thought you started babies with solid foods at 6 months... 4 sounds so early! but i guess the doctor knows best. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. I hate hearing about your no sleep gal. Everything is so much harder when we have little sleep and definitely my patience is always low when I don't get a good night's sleep. I totally hear you on a bunch of half-written posts. I honestly can't pull together a well-thought out post if I try these days. I'm all about pictures and bullet points too! Can't wait to see all the cute outfits on your adorable little boys all summer long!!!

  10. I think we started cereal at around 4 months and then added in purees at 6. I love those tee shirt onesis from Carters! My little guy is just about grown out of his current size, so I need to snag some while they are still 50% off!

  11. All my kids were a little different..I definitely paid attention to when they started noticing food. I think for a couple I tried at 4 months and they just couldn't get the swallowing down so I waited and reintroduced later. I had one at 3 months who was eating from a spoon like it was his job! Trust your instincts.

  12. I'm so sorry there still isn't any sleep going on. I wish there I was something I could do? Take one of the babes for you? Jaxy would love to babysit!

  13. Love those pillows!! I'm so sorry about the sleep - my babies don't sleep either and just like you coffee is like water (I just had a cup to make it through Easter prep). I'm a fan of delaying solids bc I love a nursing baby and I'm lazy ;). My babes usually start between 7-8 months. KC is 10 months today and eats everything! I hope Miller had fun with his grandpa and you got a lot done with Matthew!

  14. Oh my goodness!! That Mommy Shorts post is too funny...I especially laughed at the walker picture when it mentioned split level homes. True story, I went down a full flight of stairs in one of those walkers, whoopsie! Apparently, I was laughing the whole way down!

    Hope you get some sleep soon!


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