Thoughts for Thursday: My Favorite Pregnancy and Baby Books

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Thoughts for Thursday

 Today I wanted to share with you some books that were my favorites when I was going through pregnancy and new motherhood. The pregnancy books I read the first time around when I was pregnant with Miller and the baby books I'm still using as a reference these days.

I want to add that baby books are very subjective.  Every person parents differently and some people love other books while some people hate them.  I don't think there is one book that was my "holy grail" of parenting but instead I found a combination of books to help me those first few weeks.  There also isn't a book that is going to tell you exactly what do to.  Most of parenting is going on instinct and trial and error but the baby books are a great guide for helping you figure it out. 

My Favorite Pregnancy and Baby Books

1. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy:This was my favorite pregnancy book. Hands down. I felt like it gave me the most details and explainations without scaring me.  I recommend this one to all my friends. 

2. What to Expect When You're Expecting: I didn't love What to Expect but I feel like we all use it anyway. I felt like a lot of it was fear mongering but at the same time I did find there week by week breakdowns good and I used the app on my phone. 

3. Belly Laughs: While I don't exactly love Jenny McCarthy's stance on vaccines (that's a whole other post) I did really enjoy this book.  Pregnancy can be a totally weird strange thing and I love light hearted books that make you feel like you're not alone. 

4. Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy: This was very similar to Belly Laughs and I loved that the author gave you not only her presepective after 4 pregnancies but also talked about a lot of what her friends went through too.  Just another one to keep it all funny and in prespective!

5. Baby 411:Love, love, love this book and give it to everyone at their baby shower!  My sister in law gave me this book and it saved me the whole first year of Miller's life and I'm using it again with Matthew.  This and google (but this feels better than Dr. Google) will save you from calling your pediatrician's office every day all day long. 

6. The Happiest Baby on the Block: I bought this book but we ended up watching the DVD at our Newborn class and it was so helpful.  I feel like DVD was key for Kyle because he just didn't have the patience for the books and the DVD really helped to show exactly what Dr. Karp meant with the holding and shushing which was a lifesaved with both boys in those early.  I recommend this to everyone. 

7. Moms on Call and 8. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: I used both of these books to help get Miller on a schedule.  I didn't follow either one to strictly but they both really helped me figure out what type of schedule an infant needs, how long they should be awake between feedings, and when to start/move around their bedtimes.   The EASY routine from baby whisperer never really worked on Miller because he liked to eat, sleep, and then play but it's working wonders for Matthew because he likes to eat, play, and then sleep.  All babies are totally different which is why I say use these books as references.   Moms on Call really helped with trying to figure out a schedule with Miller and work on getting a good bedtime.  I like the approach of this book and felt like the authors were no nonsense. 

9. Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay:  Such a funny one!  I've also given this book to quite a few girlfriends to remind that even though parenting is a pretty serious job if we don't keep our sense of humor about it we will lose our minds!!

So tell me what were some of your favorite pregnancy and baby books?  Any good ones I'm missing out there?

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  1. is it bad i havent read any of these books?! i started the happiest baby on the block, bringing up bebe and i got bored. :( i read most of Jo Frost's confident care book and i really liked it! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I loved Belly Laughs too! Great roundup of books! xo

  3. Aww, I loved reading pregnancy books. My favorites are What To Expect and Happiest Baby On The Block

  4. I never read any baby books...which sounds really funny because I love to read. I've never been pregnant so I didn't need those, and I asked my mom for advice about all the baby stuff once we adopted. But your #5 sounds like something I should get...then I wouldn't be calling my mom so much! haha (I called her Mom 911 that whole first year of my daughter's life!) Thanks for sharing! -Jess

  5. We live by Moms on Call and LOVE it! I didn't follow it super strictly but it was a great guide!

  6. Saving this for when I will eventually need them! :)

  7. Not expecting.. But am a nanny an these are all great reads! Will save for future moms to be..! Xo

  8. These are great choices! All of my favorites! Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay is my absolute favorite!

  9. I have some friends that are preggers and would definitely love this post!!! Thanks for sharing! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  10. I shared this with a few pregnant friends and I know they'll love it! Thanks :)

  11. I love the Baby Whisperer! I feel like she is so comforting.

  12. I read the Jenny McCarthy book and the 411 and they were both good. I love how Jenny brought a more real perspective to pregnancy.


  13. I read so many of these books when I was pregnant with Abby but couldn't remember many of the correct titles so when my sister asked for pregnancy/baby book suggestions, I could only remember two! I'm going to pass along this link to her right now! Thanks!

  14. I can't wait to pass these book recommendations to a few friends that are expecting soon. Linking up with you and Annie! Xo, Stephanie

  15. I feel like I might be the only person in the world who didn't like the Jenny McCarthy book. I don't think I cracked a smile even once! However, I have seen the Sippycups book and it has been on my list for quite some time!

  16. Love this! Definite favs were the What to Expect series and also the Baby Wise series. So good. You are right though, it isn't a one size fits all type of deal, you have to pick and choose from each book to make your own parenting path!

  17. It is crazy how February is flying by- we're almost to Valentine's, sheesh!
    These are great book rec's- I need to pass 'em on to my friend, who is in her second trimester with her first baby. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. I have found Baby 411 incredibly helpful and informative. By far my favorite of the ones I've read :)


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