Christmas 2014

Happy Monday after Christmas everyone!  I'm off to a slow start today because Kyle is still off work so I'm enjoying being lazy and hanging around the house with the kids.

Did everyone have a good Christmas holiday? Ours was good but so incredibly exhausting. I've come to the conclusion that two kids isn't double the work, it's ten times the work.  We started the Christmas week off right with Kyle's boss' holiday party. It's always such a blast and fun to socialize with Kyle's co-workers wives.

I ended up buying the Eliza J dress with the lace sleeves for the party and Christmas eve. This is the only pic I snapped which was at almost 12am after some cocktails so we're not looking our best!

I spent most of last week running around trying to finish up all our Christmas shopping.  We did our usual Christmas eve tradition with a party at a family friend's house followed by present opening at my parent's house.  I have no pictures except for one of Kyle and the boys before we left for the night.

We had so much fun playing Santa this year.  Miller was totally over the top spoiled by us and everyone else and we've already hid half of his presents to pull out through out the year as needed.

Ignore the mismatch rug and pillows-  we just threw away our navy blue rug that was destroyed and this is an old one we had on hand in the garage until we buy a new one.

Kyle refused to participate in matching family jammies this year #grinch but at least I can still force the boys into dressing like me 

My parents came over for Christmas morning brunch and then we headed to their house for dinner. I only managed one family photo in all the chaos and Miller was over it at this point.

My aunt and uncle gifted us two cooper mugs and we've been putting them to use every night since Christmas! Moscow Mules are my favorite cocktail and taste so much better in the cooper mug.

On Saturday we headed up to PA for a few hours to visit Kyle's family and have Christmas with them. Again no pictures but this one after I'd changed the boys into their jammies for the drive back to MD. Can you  see a theme of a constant moving toddler= blurry photos!?

After all the gluttony of the holiday season I ventured out on my first post baby run! I only made it a little over a mile but it still felt good to get my blood flowing and my legs moving.  I'm hoping to get back out there a few times this week since Kyle is off work.

I've decided it's high time to invest in that nice camera as I look back over our crappy iPhone pictures from the past week. 
As sad as I am to see the holiday go I am excited to get back into our routine and start off 2015 on the right foot! 

Anyone have any fun New Year's Eve plans?!


  1. Love the matching PJ's. Very merry! That tool set is awesome. What a great idea, Mama. Congrats on surviving the holidays with 2!

  2. Love your jammies!! Christmas was a whirlwind for us too!

  3. Such cute photos. Love the family pics especially! Glad y'all had a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Such a great Christmas! I love that you have the Hanna jammies too! I need to just buck up and buy myself a pair too. It's inevitable!

  5. I know it sounds horrible, but I love when my husband is off work too. I feel like I get to just sit back and let him take the reigns. You are looking amazing in that black dress girlfriend! Invest away!!! This is the perfect time of year to find an amazing deal on a fancy camera!!!! I hope you're able to find one!

  6. You look fabulous! I always said when I had my second baby, I would take as many pics as I did with my first and it never happens that way! I think I have maybe one pic of us together on Christmas!

  7. I love all your matching pj's!! You need to get your hubby to stop being a grinch and join in on the fun! That dress looked amazing on you!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  8. Aww, love the Christmas jammies, tooo cute! And love that dress, you look great!

  9. Aw I love the pictures of Miller with his new work bench! So cute!! Looks like you have your hands full mama! Glad to hear you had a great Christmas and good for you for getting out for a run! I'm actually really looking forward to that too in a couple months!

  10. I am totally dying at how freaking cute the Pjs are on you guys, and definetly invest in a camera it may suck at the check out but it is well worth it in the long run. I have a Canon T3i and it rocks because the screen flips out and I can take outfit photos by my self with a remote and be able to see my self before I snap the photo:)

    Aloha, Kathleen | House of Polynesia

    New Post: How to be a BOSS in the Gym

  11. You looked so fantastic in that dress! :) We got copper mugs for Christmas, too! Moscow Mules are the best!

  12. I love their matching smocked jon jons. So precious! Katelyn is 1.5 and I have yet to get back on the working out train, so good for you!

  13. Love the pjs! It looks and sounds like you had a good Christmas!


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