What's in My Bag? Linsday from Pink and Fabulous

 Today I have Lindsay from Pink and Fabulous sharing what's in her bag! Lindsay is an adorable mom of two hilarious kids and has a killer sense of fashion! She takes mommy chic to a whole new level. Thanks to Lindsay for helping me out today and make sure to stop by her blog and say hi!

Hi guys!  I'm Lindsay and I blog over at Pink and Fabulous about fashion, home decor, food, kids and basically a little bit of everything!  Today I am doing one of my favorite things, a purse dump.  I love these because I love handbags and I am a super nosy person and love when other people post what's in their bag!

I am currently carrying my Jennifer Haley Downtown Tote.  I love the royal blue color and the softness of the leather on this bag.  It matches a lot more than you would expect color wise, is easy to clean, and basically, I just love it.

I love an organized, clean bag and try to keep mine this way.  I use a few smaller bags to keep everything its place.

Here's what's inside:

- Small cosmetics bag with some essentials (below)
- Car keys
- Diaper bag with diapers, wipes and disposable bags
- Bag with gift cards and coupons
- Fruit snacks for hungry kids
- Digital camera

Here's what I keep in my cosmetics bag (I REALLY squeeze it in!)

- Inhaler so I can breathe
- Nars Lipstick
- Clinique pressed powder
- EOS hand lotion
- Chanel gloss
- Rosebud Salve
- Hair bands

My purse always ends up with a few crayons and toys floating around, but to keep that from happening I have a small bin I keep in the car full of those goodies for the kids so they have easy access to them when we're out.  Their stuff really loads up a bag!  And that's what is on me basically at all times!

Thanks for having me Natalie!



  1. I love your bag! And you are able to fit so much in there! What bag do you use for the diapers?

    1. I use a Jujube bag that I got at Buy Buy Baby! I used to keep everything in the Skip Hop travel changing station, which just wraps up, BUT Greyson threw it out when I was changing his diaper in a restroom once and I was too grossed out to get it out of the trash :)

  2. you are so organized! i love all the little bags! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I need to take a page out of your book with all of those smaller compartments to keep everything nice and easy to find.

    1. It's the only way that works for me! I tried using an in bag purse organizer but that just was all over the place. Little bags are the way to go!

  4. Yay to Rosebud Salve (my great-grandmother got each generation hooked up). Love these posts!

  5. Okay I seriously love how you have bags within bags!! Its definitely the best way to stay organized!! I try to keep mine that way but it doesn't always happen :)

    1. I need to add in another bag with toys and crayons and things to keep my two nuts occupied at restaurants and such!

  6. Love that cobalt color! And the princess fruit snacks… Love it :-)


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